In 2013 I was proud of Senator Ted Cruz for his leadership in standing against the funding of Obamacare. I was disappointed in John Cornyn and the GOP leadership for their failure to seize on the vote of the House and demand that the Continuing Resolution (CR) which funded all other parts of the Government be passed in the Senate. Unfortunately they caved in and they failed to properly deliver the message to the American People that it was the Democrats that were playing games. Instead the media made the GOP and Senator Cruz in particular responsible for the shutdown and then President Obama used his executive powers to close national parks and monuments which was completely unnecessary. The Democratic Party with the help of the RINO’s in the Senate made the GOP the patsies for the Shutdown of 2013.

Now we have the Shutdown of 2016. Again the Democratic Party is spinning the narrative claiming that it is the inhumane GOP that heartless bunch that are responsible. The media lap dogs are eating up the rhetoric and trying to sell the American People. The Women’s March uncoincidently is being held on the day of the shutdown. What they aren’t talking about is that the CR which has been approved in the House funds the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) which one would think women would care about. But this is not a group of women with family values. This is a group that prefers death to the unborn and wearing vagina hats. So their message is on with the shutdown and defend the ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS!!

So where does all does get us and to what end might the Democratic strategy be headed. Lets remember these are marxists, and while their thought process makes little logical sense to those of us on the right they have proven that their movements do have a long term goal and it is usually not completely obvious. What I am about to suggest might seem rather extreme but remember what we are dealing with. Since last year the Democratic Party has systematically attempted to nullify President Trump and the agenda that catapulted him into the White House. Obama holdovers have delayed political appointments and blocked their installation. The former President has been working behind the scenes through Organizing for Americas (OFA) to encourage protests and secure funds to undermine the current Administration. Recently they brought to the floor a vote on Articles of Impeachment. While it was voted down with bipartisan support the fact that it got a vote on the floor speaks volumes about the opposition that President Trump faces and adds to my concerns.

Depending on how long this shutdown lasts will determine when they will play this card, but play it I am confident they will. Already there is an attack on President Trump based on his comments in 2013 when he put the onus for that shutdown on President Obama. They have attempted to question his fitness for office which fell hard with the recent physical he took. I believe that the Democrats might well demand the resignation of Donald Trump in return for vote to fund the government. Such a proposal may seem extreme but the behavior of the Democrats so far has been extreme in their opposition of President Trump. Watch for a new set of Articles of Impeachment before year end and watch for Republicans to cross the line.

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