Pastor Greg to do opening invocation at event with Senator Ted Cruz and CD21 Candidate Chip Roy
Dear Friends,

This Saturday February 10th at 2 PM join me as I will be sharing a short testimony about the accident and opening invocation for Senator Ted Cruz and CD21 Candidate Chip Roy a true conservative with the experience necessary to be an immediate impact player.

Chip was Senator Cruz original Chief of Staff and went to DC with John Cornyn back when John had promised to be a true conservative. I met Chip several years ago in Austin when he was working with then AG and now Governor Gregg Abbott. Chip is a grassroots constitutional conservative with a biblical worldview. He has fought the swamp and he knows who the players are and who the real conservatives are. That is why the House Freedom Fund is endorsing him along with individual members like Mike Lee. Mark Levin is also endorsing Chip along with Rafael Cruz and of course Senator Ted Cruz.

As many of you know I have become friends with our current Congressman Lamar Smith and he has been following my progress literally from ICU where he visited and comforted my family. I have watched him fight for us and I am sad to see such experience and influence leave the Congress at a time when the President is in the most serious of fights for our nation and returning its former glory. If people knew the amount of fight President Trump is experiencing and how the Assistant Deputies in almost every Department are holding staff meetings disparaging the President and targeting his political appointees within the departments and how in many cases those the President has entrusted to lead are either all alone in their efforts or are running their own agenda and bringing in others to also root out those loyal to the White House. The layers of swamp creatures is really over whelming and we Christians must be praying for him and we should be calling and telling our representatives that we are watching them, and DON’T align with the swamp. They need to investigate the seditious behavior that is happening in every department. They need to support the Presidents appointees and the White House laison to root out these individuals. We need a Representative who is not a freshman in the traditional sense of the word, but who knows the swamp, how it works who are the good guys and the bad guys and can hit the ground running so as to best assist our President and the agenda we sent him there to accomplish. that is why I am endorsing Chip Roy for CD21 and I hope you will make the same decision.

Come on out and join me I will be in my wheel chair so look down. God bess you and God bless the USA!!

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