Dear Friends

Thank you so much for tuning in to our program. My goal is to activate and keep active faith based people who have a biblical worldview and recognize that our nation was founded on Christian principles and our Constitution was made for a moral people. I do not like to have to send these type of messages. In fact it is very difficult for me to write this because I know you likely get these messages and they can be a real turn off. However my recent trip to CPAC and a failed donation due to an unforeseen health challenge has left me in a serious upside down situation financially. Therefore I am asking if you would please consider making a donation to Chosen Generation Radio . If each person receiving this email were to donate just $10 a piece we would be just fine. At present we are short at minimum $2500.00. Thank you for your consideration and for your prayers.

A quick update on my recovery from the accident from July 2017 I am starting to be able to stand and walk with a walker. I am still predominately using my wheel chair. I am getting stronger and I will be following up with a plastic surgeon in March or April to discuss the next steps on my facial reconstruction surgery. Each medical person I speak to says that they never get to speak to people like me because I am the case file they are handed in their Cadaver class. I give God all the praise and the glory for my miraculous survival and that of my daughter and I know that He has not given up on America. Together we can and will make America great again. God bless you and God bless America!

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