Those who follow me know I am not a blind Trump follower. I argued for Ted Cruz in the primary. I have supported President Trump and been encouraged by most of the decisions he has made. Those where I disagreed I have said so.

Today he signed the Omnibus bill and I have to say I was disappointed to put it mildly. Funding planned parenthood, sanctuary cities, Schumer Gateway, Gun control and no funding for the wall. These are not our values. So I have been praying and asking for wisdom to see what I might be missing.

Here is what I got. First, this budget will last till September. That means a new budget will need to be hashed out to begin October 1st 2018. Second, the limits on military funding were lifted and funding restored to post sequestration levels. Third, the real budget battle will occur in late September and early October. It would not activate the base to veto now when the general election is eight months away. But a government shut down in September becomes the battle cry to rally at the polls because we don’t want to fund leftist extremists any longer. Fourth, the stakes abroad are going to be very high this summer. That is why McMaster is out and Bolton is in. Trump needs an experienced hand and he needs his forces fully funded. Fifth, the left has been gearing up for an American spring for four years now. Trump knows he can’t be fighting a budget battle in DC when there is blood in the streets. It is critical that our LE have the funding to keep the peace and break up the leftist revolution. Sixth, and finally the President and his family knew this would be a bloody battle and we are already seeing casualties like Donald Jr and his wife. The attacks will only intensify as the summer proceeds as the left will use all means necessary to end the 45th presidency. Trump again can not be distracted by or give any additional ammunition to a leftist media that creates stories when they are not getting the ones they want. I predict he will veto in late September and shut the government down ahead of the election to rally conservatives to the polls at the midterms. I also predict he has shut down the Democratic propaganda about what the cruel GOP didn’t give them in the budget over the summer. There is no there, there, as they say.
That’s my thinking what’s yours?

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