So we have a former Bush appointee, a former Democratic operative, a porn star, a CNN #FakeNews anchor on 60 Minutes
Anderson Cooper and CBS another #FakeNews outfit making all these accusations. The Bush’s leaders of the globalist movement and former financiers of Hitlers Germany who have taken aim at President Trump while remaining silent for eight years of Obama. This hot shot attorney who has direct ties to Rahm Emmanuel of all people and was a Democratic opposition investigator and who apparently doesn’t take these kinds of cases as a rule is the attack dog the left has chosen. Then there is the porn star who got $130,000 to remain silent about any connection to President Trump. Something we will never know. Is it possible, yes. Did we already know he was no boy scout before he ran for President. What we do know is who he seems to have become based on the new book by my friend David Brody since 2011. Anderson Cooper took aim at President Trump during the General election at CNN. CNN has made sniping at Trump its primary source of coverage. Then there is CBS which has led the networks charge in its attacks on the Trump Presidency.
Now let me make this clear. Donald J Trump has three marriages and many affairs in his past. Some also accused him of some questionable business dealings. I have spoken to people who knew him for many years and who vouched for him. Some were tenants in Trump Tower and some were former employees. I am not nor never will defend bad behavior or the sin. What I will defend is my savior Jesus Christ’s ability to save a soul. His ability to forgive sins and transform a life. This is what seems to have happened in the life of Donald J Trump.
As to all the ruckus regarding Stormy Daniels, remember what I wrote about attack’s and the lefts efforts to end the 45th Presidency.

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