Some random thoughts and predictions. First I shared on this show months ago that Tillerson and McMasters were on their way out. I also predicted John Bolton would be a part of Trumps inner circle. Second I always have felt that @GenFlynn was being set up by political enemies of the President and that they would continue going after his appointments until he fought back. Now I still believe it was a political hack job and the FISA FBI OBAMAGATE is proving that. But here is a new wrinkle. What if Trump knew all along. I also reported that he was advised early on not to have any conversations at Trump tower because of bugging. What if they gave up Flynn to set the trap that is now coming to the surface. Remember Flynn has an intelligence background. Third Mueller has walked into the trap. If he does not start focusing on the Russian collusion surrounding the Dossier, DNC, FBI, Clinton Foundation and Obama’s administration he will be looking at a very long stint in a Federal Penitentiary. Fourth Trump’s decision to move Pompeo to Secretary of State, Bolton to NSA and Haspel to the CIA are brilliant moves ahead of some very rough waters in putting America back on top in the world of foreign policy and world powers. Fifth and final the trade wars are a nothing burger because the US still holds the cards on the Chinese economy by being their biggest importer. China can not afford to lose American buyers because I believe they have leveraged their expansion on owning our debt which means they can’t have us go under or they will collapse and while we can recover they won’t be able to. This would make them vulnerable to old enemies like Japan and Russia.

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