John McCain and his POW cover up

Here is a comment from this article by a Vietnam Vet that tells so much of the story:

I will not participate in meanness or innuendo. I am a Veteran and will speak truth. I remember when McCain was captured. My brothers and I watching on AFRTS and reading in the Stars and Stripes paper the traitor (1) lying on a gurney, (2) arm in a cast, (3) smoking a cigarette while being interviewed, knowing full well the cost to other GI’s for getting those 3 things (at least).

Shortly thereafter watching almost every one of McCain’s F4 fighter squadron being shot down because of flight path, tactical and strategic information he gave his captors.

Hearing and reading the things he said to our troops over the enemies radio systems just as the “Tokyo Roses” did in WWII.

After the war watching with heartbreak as he used his political powers to block every attempt of our military, groups, families and even individuals to find and return POW’s and MIA’s through the 70′s and 80′s.

Living through the Keating Five scandal and savings and loan tragedy, he was involved in, that nearly broke this country.

Some of us are blessed with the ability to keenly remember things. Some of which you can’t even see, hear or read anymore because truth has been “wiped” for those of vast power who are corrupt. Mr McCain willingly chose to serve the wrong gods. The cost to himself for what he has done I cannot imagine. May God have mercy on his soul.

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