Chosen Generation Radio Show is only possible through sponsorship. At present we have lost all but two sponsors. Due to my accident I am limited in reaching out to businesses. I have some very loyal individuals who are sponsoring monthly and that is a huge help, but we need another $1000 a month to break even. There is no salary to me and has never been any in the 5 almost 6 years I have been doing this. If even 10% of my Facebook friends gave $50 a month to spread the both the message of a constitutional Republic and the message of the resurrection power of Jesus Christ and how we as a nation must return to God and His Son in order to return to peace and greatness, which saves souls and is Kingdom business then we would be able to broaden our market. I am stepping out in faith and going on KSLR 630 AM at 8 pm cst Mon – Fri starting mid August. It will cost nearly $3000 a month. Please consider a monthly or large one time contribution. All donations are tax deductible. This message is going to those of you who have signed up to receive messages from Pastor Greg and Chosen Generation Radio. You represent the grassroots that keeps this show going. Please consider making an investment in the program. Dr Rick Scarborough on his own without any prompt ask for support for this program. Many of the guests have made those kind of requests and for that I am grateful. Will you please consider answering the call and making a donation today. God bless you!!

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