This thoughtful article asks questions that we all must face. If we claim Christian, has the transformation of the Cross made us the best us we can be? If it has not then we must also face the fact that it is not the lack of the power of the Cross. So we must then asked what must we do to be who we are supposed to be in Christ? The back drop is the Aretha Franklin funeral. Her father was a minister and her rendition of Amazing Grace as stated in the article put her and her voice on the map. Unlike Whitney Houston she managed to live a long life and to maintain her church roots. She was and is referred to as a gospel singer. Reverend Jasper Williams Jr spoke at her funeral and said what is said behind closed doors in public. God has called all of us to do better and to be better and once upon a time the black community actually set a great example of that. Yes there was a time when black Americans enjoyed prosperity and education and familial stability. That is before the Civil Rights Act was corrupted with welfare and the government replaced fathers and incentivized black women to become pregnant and abort their children or to become dependent on the government and run the men out. This led to the Democrats creating a new kind of slavery and to organized crime finding a new group to exploit. The good Reverend speaks to a better life and a better purpose and he challenges and entire community to become all that God has called then to be.

Aretha Franklin was a God Girl

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