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“That’s true,” Michael Che said. “The only white people that thank Jesus are Republicans and ex-crackheads.”

There are so many things wrong with this statement. First the obvious. For those of us who know and love our Lord Jesus we must face the reality that Television and Hollywood do not share that reverence, but rather complete disdain for Jesus and for Christianity.

On some level who can blame them. The Christianity that most of them have seen has little or no resemblance to the Jesus of the bible or the men who gave their lives so that the Word would be carried on to the next generation and so we would have it here with us 2000 years later. Not the watered down, doesn’t stand for anything, so it will fall for everything cheap carnival show that is prevalent in so many churches and on television, but the real nitty gritty good news that calls evil, evil and sin, sin. Where the Cross and Jesus death are at the forefront not hidden in the room. Where transformation and a changed life are the norm not the exception. Where confronting evil is good because evil is bad and the work of Jesus on the cross means freedom form sin and death. Awe, sin and death. Sin has been elevated to sainthood and those that would oppose it to the position of being the oppressors of all that is fun. And now we are the evil that wants to subject innocent babies to a cruel world thus we are against abortion. We are bigots, homophobes against the love of men with other men which should be viewed as normal, but God calls an abomination. Gender modification, pedophilia, casual sex and even drunkenness are all a part of the new church normal. Those that would oppose this using scriptural context are unenlightened and have not their spirit with in them. This is why they mock Christianity and Jesus.

As Christians we might be quick to find comfort in knowing that one day every knee will bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord. That their day of judgement will come and on that day they will beg for mercy and find none for their opportunity to turn from their wickedness will have passed. But lest we warn them we too will be subject to the judgement. Should we comfort in the end day judgement knowing our sins are forgiven not because of what we have done but rather the work of the cross? Of course we should. Jesus Himself said to rejoice that your names are written in the book of life.

The message spoken at the Emmy’s serves a second purpose as well. Michael Che’s Mom would not watch because white people award shows don’t give Jesus enough credit. The inference is that at black award shows all the winners thank God and Jesus. I am not an expert at that topic, but I would note that neither one of the scenarios is an accurate depiction of mans recognition of the one by whom we live and breath and have our being. Having a culture in which church is more a meet up place than it is a place to meet Jesus is no worse or better than not going at all. Unfortunately our current societal culture no matter the color of the skin does not give God the esteem He deserves. This is evident by how we treat the only thing He created in His image and that is each other.

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