If this interests you, would you please respond to doseghostman@gmail.com with your zip code and phone number. You can then follow this link rather than the link in the video: https://pastorgreg.bemergroup.com/en-US
Here is the info on the treatment that I am using with some really amazing results.

The BEMER is the FDA Registered Class 1 medical device I told you about. Although it can be used at home without a prescription, it is also used by by over 4,000 hospitals, research facilities and doctor’s offices. As a former Paramedic, I was very interested tolearn that in Europe they even use it in many ambulances to help heart attack patients on their way to the hospital. I was also impressed by the fact that – out of all the thousands of medical devices in the world – NASA chose BEMER to co-develop the next generation of spacesuits designed to guard the health of astronauts on long space trips.

If you search for BEMER on Google you will get 1.4 Million results. In order to save you hours of searching, I have included the most important items that will give you a full picture of BEMER here: http://drtom.dropmark.com/465382 If interested after viewing the contents of this link please use this link: https://pastorgreg.bemergroup.com/en-US
I suggest that you go through the six items in order. Most are 5 minutes or less; the longest is 22 minutes. So the total time it will take to learn about an amazing device that can change your life for the better is less than an hour.

Ask yourself, “What if I enhance…”
General Bloodflow
Nutrition & Oxygen Supply
Cardiac Function
Sleep Management
Waste Disposal
Physical Fitness
Mental Acuity
Stress Reduction & Relaxation

If these things were possible, wouldn’t it be worth an hour do do some basic research? The Bible says, “The life of the flesh is in the blood,” and modern science bears that out. Try to think of a condition in your body that would NOT be helped by an increase in blood flow and more oxygenation of the blood. God designed our bodies to heal themselves, but over the last century America’s health habits have declined. Sedentary lifestyles, lack of sleep and poor food choices have all contributed to a decline in blood flow for millions of people, and a resultant decline in overall health, energy and endurance. BEMER doesn’t claim that the device heals specific disease or conditions; simply that it assists the body in healing itself.

Let me know how I can serve you.

God bless you,

Pastor Greg Young
(209) 380-8654

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