.@JeffFlake @SenatorCollins @lisamurkowski #StoptheCircus #ConfirmBrettKavanaughNow This is the most egregious misuse of the process and Dr Ford @SenFeinstein and the @DNC have disrespected the people of the United States. Presumption of innocence is mandatory to liberty!The principal of presumption of innocence js only one of the issues that is at risk here. There is unfortunately much more and I believe that Judge Kavanaugh understands this and so does his wife Ashley. Judge Kavanaugh is a presiding Judge and so if he steps down and lets this stand then he would stand to have an impeachment proceeding brought against him at the court he now presides over. In addition to losing his career he would carry this stain with him and so would his precious girls Margaret and Liza. That is not all. If he backs down then none of the remaining names on the list are safe from this kind of brutal affront. President Trump might be forced to throw away the list and embark on finding milk toast pacifists that will let the rest of the Constitution be torn a part piece by piece.

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