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I pray that this email finds you well. I want to thank you for your continued support of the program. We continue to see our influence expand and opportunities to increase our audience participation are growing. The information we are able to share with our audience from the amazing guests we are able to book has been very humbling. Most of our guests are Christians and our program gives them an opportunity to share this information from a biblical perspective unlike they can do on most of their other appearances. This just adds to the value of what we are sharing.

Some of you may be aware I took this past week off for Medical purposes. I had an appointment on Monday with an Ear, Nose and Throat Doctor at University Hospital. The break to the left orbital is going to require reconstructive surgery because the base structure for the eye was damaged, the lower lid is sagging, the tear duct tube was destroyed and the shape of the septum which was broken in the accident as well. The Doctor that will perform this surgery is Constance Fry and in preparation for the surgery she ordered a CAT Scan. I had the CAT Scan in August and that led to this appointment after a mass was discovered in my Maxillary Sinus, which is the cavity behind the cheek and below the eye. What the scan showed was that this mass has grown since the previous scan and is filling the cavity. So Monday I met with Dr Philip Chen He is a world class surgeon and we have scheduled the surgery to discover what the mass is for October 24th. The purpose of the surgery is to remove most of the mass and do a biopsy to make sure it is not malignant. I will have to take some time off that week as well and likely spend a night or two in the hospital. I will let you know as I am made aware. I am confident God did not send me back four times to encounter cancer as well, but whatever His plan I will see it through in the same way I have seen my way through the recovery from the accident.

This past Saturday marked one year since I was first released from the Hospital after being in ICU and then ACU for three months. Back then I was barely able to get in to bed from the wheelchair by using a sliding board. I was still not released to put any weight on my right leg and I was barely able to put weight on the left. My hand and finger dexterity were very limited and I hurt everywhere at a level of 9.5 all the time. Flash forward to today. I am still in the wheel chair however I can stand and transfer, use a walker, take some independent steps, I have had people recently pat me on the back, something that because of the break in my neck and back would have been devastating, but I was fine. My pain is still there but under control more often than not. I can shower and dress myself, use the restroom alone and yesterday I did my first load of wash. All of these are huge accomplishments and I am so grateful for the prayers and the power of God. I am thankful to my family as well for all their love and support.

While we are sharing good news, Justice Brett Kavanaugh was voted on to the Supreme Court and sworn into office. The spectacle that was the Kavanaugh hearing was the destruction of a process that has been a part of our nation’s history from its founding. There was also this attempt to destroy the rule of law and the presumption of innocence because of political ideology, sexual orientation and race. Have we been here before in our history in certain parts of our country? Yes, we have seen this before but not played out in the US Senate and not in the Judiciary Committee. The loss of the presumption of innocence was the most disturbing element when the evidence was so suspect. After the witnesses that the accuser brought forward each testified that they were unable to corroborate the allegations and the character of the accused had been without blemish for 53 years and through six FBI background checks, which by the way I had for my security clearance in the Air Force and when I became a Notary Public. The attacks on Senator Cruz and his wife at a restaurant in the DC area and the attack of Jeff Flake and many other Senators in the Senate building during this past week were at the very least historic low points in our civil society.

The real issue that is missed here which I was able to highlight on the show is how this attack on Brett Kavanaugh with almost no evidence matches the viral attitude on college campuses across the country toward white, heterosexual Christian boys who are being targeted by girls on campuses that are using the Title IX provisions. They are seeing false allegations on the rise which damage their academic lives and their lives in general as the false allegations are broadcast but the truth is rarely given any daylight. Margaret Vallois an attorney who defends these young men joined me as we discussed the case and exposed the bias that is infecting our colleges and how it revealed itself in the Kavanaugh hearings.

In closing I want to again thank you for your continued support and for your thoughts and prayers. You are in my prayers as well. Please know that we continue to educate and exhort our listeners to engage and be involved. Our voices must be heard in next month’s elections. Here in our district Senator Ted Cruz needs our support, Chip Roy who is running to replace retiring Congressman Lamar Smith and who has Lamar’s endorsement needs our vote. To those who reside outside Texas, I can assure you that your vote is critically important to your Congressional Member and your Senator as well. Thank you and God bless you!!

In His service,

Pastor Greg Young

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