Tomorrow November 6, 2018 will go down as one of the most critical elections in American history. What President Trump has fully exposed is the swamp that exists in Washington DC and their continued efforts to hold power. This has been building for more than fifty years. Now we have an opportunity to send a message to the swamp that we are not going to be discounted anymore. The Democratic Party has taken on an unbelievably ugly demeanor. Their representatives have encouraged attacks on members of the administration and supporters of the President of the United States. They have vowed to impeach the President if they are given a majority in the House. SNL has just given an insult to all US Veterans, leftist behavior which aligns with the destruction of the presumption of innocence we saw in the attacks against Justice Brett Kavanaugh. The left has absolutely no sense of propriety in what they are willing to do to attack those who they disagree with.

What is at stake in this election though is more than just a choice between a group of people that have no limit to the disgusting ends they will go to or the sick view they have of humanity, where they think that murdering a baby after it is born alive is as much a right as killing one in the womb. Their attack on the election of 2016 and their destruction of the Kavanaugh Supreme Court Senate Judiciary Hearings are the real issue.These efforts to destroy the free election process and call it into question and to discredit a Supreme Court Justice in such a way as to then call into question the validity of the courts rulings are all planned. They are fulfilling the promise of Barack Hussein Obama to fundamentally change the United Stated of America. This mid term is their “coup de grace” where in they want to stick a fork in the Republican Party and the Presidency of Donald Trump. That is what is at stake in the election of November 6, 2018 and that is why you must go to the polls and vote RED! We must stop this onslaught against our Constitutional Republic. The utter arrogance of the left and a President who is willing to stand up against their shenanigans has finally gotten the fire started but unless we show up and vote they will get what they want. So call a friend and tell your neighbors, tomorrow we must vote! Thank you! God bless you!

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