Found this on my web site in comments.

From Turd Burgess

This show is Republican propaganda. Jesus would puke at the thought of Greg Young using his name for this vile right-wing nationalism

My response:

Jesus is alive. Thus He is disgusted that America has become a worshiper of Baal. Murdering innocent babies in the womb and even killing them out of the womb should they escape the saline solution. He is angry that America has chosen to call what God calls an abomination legal and rename marriage. Marriage was the first covenant between God and man. America has committed the abomination of desolation by performing these profane ceremonies in the church. Adultery, fornication, lying, stealing and idolatry are all on Jesus mind as he looks at how America has embraced these behaviors and has abandoned God the Father in the public square. To your charge of nationalism. The four Gospels of the Bible, Matthem, Mark, Luke and John were written of Jesus as he spoke to Israel. That is why Paul was appointed the Apostle to the Gentiles. It is why he spends his time restating Jesus words and doctrine into language that Gentiles will understand. Jesus was a nationalist who said He came only for the lost sheep of Israel. God was a nationalist who established the nation of Israel and who declared these are my people and I am their God. He only accepted those who joined Israel until Jesus who by His death has grafted us in. Only those who confess Jesus as Lord and seek forgiveness of sin are allowed into heaven. This too is a nationalist movement. I do not expect you to know this as it appears you also do not know Jesus. I will pray that you gain clarity and come to know Him.

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