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I want to wish you a very Merry Christmas!! If you have never heard about how the Santa Claus and Saint Nick stories actually began and the real connection to our Savior Jesus Christ I recommend you listen to Bill Federer my December 4th guest herebeginning at 64:12.
Thank you for being a part of the Chosen Generation Radio family and for your prayers and support as I continue to recover from the accident. I am continuing to improve and I am hopeful that 2019 is going to be a break out year. I pray that for each of you. I will be back on air live on Wednesday January 2nd. I am making plans to attend CPAC if you would like to support those efforts please go here any amount you can share will be wonderful! At Christmas we celebrate the birth of King Jesus. Our founders had a saying, “No King but King Jesus”. Too many preachers and pastors believe that we have a king in Washington DC based on their unwillingness to challenge godless laws and godless decisions. They argue Romans 13 as their scriptural authority all the while forgetting that the Constitution makes us the sovereigns and the government subservient to us. We are a constitutional representative republic and the constitution relegates that We the People have the power. Government only has certain enumerated rights and all others revert to us. In 2019 it is going to take the pulpits to come to life again for our country to survive what the Democrats have in mind for our nation. I promise that the Chosen Generation Radio pulpit will be ablaze from 4 to 6 PM EDT Monday thru Friday. So whatever you can do to help will be appreciated. God bless you and have a great Christmas!

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