For those of you that listen regularly to the show you will be familiar with David Rosler. He is the gentleman I introduce as a film legend who then calls me a hero. David is a film legend and he has undertaken a tremendous fight. The Fight to take back the hearts and minds of our youth through the midiem of motion pictures. David knows Media, and he knows how to use media. It’s why he has been wiling to battle Twitter and Facebook. Through his sign the petition initiative to disbar Facebook’s corporate attorney using Sarbanes Oxley to his efforts to Stamp out trolls and expose Twitter. Please read this carefully and consider making a contribution.

Pastor Greg

Hello. Pastor Greg asked me to write up a quick explanation of our needs and how you can help save the world.

I have established a Christian motion picture studio compound on 130 acres just south of Christian-friendly Nashville, Tennessee. It took quite a bit of standing on my head to do it, but we, my team and I, did it.

But now we desperately need your help.

No start-up company can succeed without finance. This usually includes awareness on Facebook and Twitter. Together, both have a total monopoly on public awareness on the internet. They both also have a now-well-documented corporate disease: they hate Christians and conservatives. We have been completely and utterly censored into total public invisibility. This, as you can guess, they have done to thwart our mission which is to attract younger generations into the theaters for a healthy dose of Christian values wrapped in appealing, tech-savvy action thrillers; high-end special effects-intensive and in first-class 3D. Their relentless censorship of our mission is the highest celebrity endorsement ever: they would not go to all the trouble to censor us so totally if they were not afraid that we would succeed.

Hollywood’s values and therefore influence have become bizarre, unsettling, and wrong by every historical yardstick. This nation is heading into a dark societal abyss which we will all soon regret and the only solution is balance in entertainment values. Younger generations have got to want to take the world in a better, more traditional place. To put it simply, it has to be hip and make sense to younger generations to be Christian, again.

We believe we can actually fix this societal problem by setting a better direction for audiences but we need your help. Please donate generously and, additionally, if you can, email or call friends and ask them to do the same.

Please go this fundraiser created by the studio’s accomplished scientific adviser and thirty-five-year close friend of mine, Lonny Buinis, watch the 3-minute video our studio has prepared and give as generously as you can.

We desperately need your help NOW.

Thank you for your love and anticipated donations, and may God bless.

In His Name and For The Future Of All Mankind,

David Rosler
David Rosler Christian motion Picture Studios
Studio phone: 1-615-563-4903

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