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One last thing, I have been telling my audience for several months now that the indictments against Brennan and the rest are coming and that there was an actual Coup attemtped against President Trump after he fired James Comey and it was stopped by the Joint Chiefs of Staff. The recent NYT articles and the statement by Liz Cheney over the weekend is indicative that the end is near for these individuals and treason as a charge is not out of the question. A GOP sweep in 2020 and President Trump winning a landslide will be the result of indictments being handed down against major players in the previous administration and could include Lynch, Holder, Clapper, Comey and Clinton. I think they would save the Obama indictment until after the election. I would also anticipate massive resignations that the media wil play up as some kind of anti Trump narrative but the truth will be they are exiting in hopes that they will get off with a warning and not also find themselves in jail.

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