This behavior should surprise no one. Lebron James has been living as though he was the most important person in his life since he was 9 years old and his mom found him a loving family that sacrificed their own children to give Lebron an opportunity. Since then Lebron has been privileged.

He attended a private Catholic nearly all white High School and he was drafted at 19 by the Cleveland Cavaliers. James behavior is that of a narcissistic spoiled child.

Remember he lured Johnny Manziel to sign with his management company and Manziel had a total melt down. Who made money from that? Yes Lebron has built a community center but what values are taught at Lebron’s center?

Are they the same values that would elevate China and disrespect the country which actually created the opportunity for a young man born to a 16 year old girl the son of a career criminal who abandoned them to become the multi millionaire that he is today. There is no other nation in the world where Lebron James could live the fairy tale life he is living. It is the promise of America, the land of the brave and the home of the free. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are the American dream.

Lebron James lives that dream every single day and yet has the gall to spit in the face of that nation.To try to sell the story of oppression rather than tell the story of what America has done for him. See it was that same America that cheered for him on ESPN2 playing for St Vincent St Mary. That same America that celebrated when his home town team selected him at 18 as the first pick in the 2003 NBA Draft. Cheered as he developed as an NBA player and came so close to winning a championship in his home town.

Then he bolted and snubbed his home town. Then he showed his true selfish nature. He left Cleveland in ruins and went to Miami. Even after his return to Cleveland and winning a championship at home it was clear that Lebron was focused on Lebron. Kylie Irving could no longer play with his selfish narcissistic attitude and he left. The media tried to cover for the Unking but the real truth was out.

Now Lebron is in LA. How fitting that he end up in the land where narcissists are often able to hide. Yes, Los Angeles and Hollywood have some wonderful, gifted and exceptional people that offer the world their talents. Lebron James is not one of them. His behavior regarding the NBA and China and the severe oppression that involves harvesting organs from live dissidents until there is nothing less to take out of their bodies encapsulates his utter disdain for all this great nation has blessed him with. This is the true legacy of Lebron James and now the world knows.

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