Greg Young brings his nationally heard show to USA Radio Networks each weekday from
10 to Noon Eastern time. Pastor Greg always informs, entertains and enlightens the
audience. His guests are top quality national figures and subject matter experts in
myriad topics.
Although he is an ordained minister, Chosen Generation Radio is not a sermon. No topic
is off limits. It is a conversation between the host and his guests on the issues facing
Americans today through a biblical lens. Just as the radical left has embraced their
ideology, those of us with traditional Biblical values know what is right and what is
wrong and we speak, act and make decisions accordingly.
Chosen Generation Radio takes us back to that place and encourages those values.
Whether we are talking about Islam, the homosexual agenda, the indoctrination
happening in our schools, assaults on free speech or illegal immigration. Chosen
Generation Radio addresses all these issues and challenges Americans to use their God
given freedom to return us to the Constitutional Republic that Benjamin Franklin
challenged us to hold on to. The black robe regiment rides again!
This program is available for sponsorship as well as advertising insertion. Chosen
Generation is cleared in Chicago, Dallas, Minneapolis, Seattle, Las Vegas and over 20
more markets. Introductory sponsors will also receive bonus spots on the entire USA
Radio News Network. For more information, contact Janet Bro at (210)488-6632.

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