By David Shestokas

The Phony Impeachment Resolution

I read the proposed resolution. I’ve been struggling for a day to write something cogent about it and construct a thoughtful analysis. All I’ve been able to do is see the cynical view that Pelosi, Schiff and the Democrats have of the American people.

The Resolution is cloaked in fancy language to appear open, transparent and fair. (You can read the Resolution yourself here.) The Democrats want to look like they’re giving President Trump due process and a chance for his lawyers and Republicans to participate. They’ve even issued a “fact sheet” that says these things. (You can read that “fact sheet” here.)

What the Resolution actually says, summarized: We’re going to keep doing what we’ve been doing and pretend that we’re not. We’ll pretend the Republicans can participate, when really, they can’t. We’ll pretend lawyers for President Trump can be part of the inquiry when really, they can’t.

Five committees are named in Resolution’s first section, but the only the Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, chaired by Adam Schiff, is given any directions regarding Republican participation and release of information to the public and those include a huge “BUT”. Republican subpoena powers, hearing participation, public hearings and information releases are all mentioned, BUT none of that happens without the approval of Adam Schiff.

Oh, by the way, President Trump’s lawyers have no rights to be part of the “hearings” or “process” in Schiff’s committee. Schiff’s committee gets to make a referral to the House Judiciary Committee when it’s done, and THEN Judiciary MIGHT let the President participate.

What does this mean? That the situation remains as it is, unless Adam Schiff changes his mind. That is the situation that exists without the Resolution.

The Resolution is a political messaging exercise that includes things like a phony fact sheet and help from media outlets like USA Today to create headlines like:

House resolution outlines public phase of impeachment inquiry, gives GOP subpoena powers

Which, to put it generously as possible, is a lie.


It’s clear that the Resolution is designed to let every Democrat House member say whatever they need to say to appease the voters in their district and still vote for the Resolution.

Democrats in very liberal districts with folks salivating to remove President Trump from office can say: “I voted to officially authorize moving the impeachment process forward.”

Democrats in closely divided districts can say: “I wanted to be fair and this resolution provides fairness.

Democrats in districts Trump won in 2016 can say: “I wanted to be sure that President Trump and his supporters are getting a fair shake.”

Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff and the Democrats are putting on display their contempt for the American electorate. They’re introducing a sham resolution with the idea they can get headlines and talking points by pretending the resolution does whatever they say it does.

They’re counting on people listening to what they say and read headlines of friendly media rather than looking at what is actually being done. The exercise displays that they think of Americans as easily manipulated lemmings.

Read the Resolution. Compare it to the “fact sheet”. Notice that all the references to sharing participation with the Republicans and information with Americans is at the discretion of Adam Schiff. Then ask this question: WHY?

Why, if the case against the President has real merit is there any need for a fake resolution and messaging spin?

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