Really this should not be a surprise. The transformation to a communist nation was in earnest in the 1950’s but McCarthy was able in spite of the use of disinformation to derail some of the lefts most significant advancements. Vietnam presented the left with its greatest opportunities to infiltrate our most important institutions. Higher Education and our Seminaries. Remember that Stalin and Lenin said that as long as America had her faith and her churches she could not be overcome. Kruschev observed that our war with communism in Southeast Asia would give them an opportunity that would mean our over throw without firing a shot. I am now going to skip forward to today, after our educational system has suffered being conquered by these radical ideals of socialism and communism and collectivism. Years after our churches have surrendered to immorality and group think and the pulpits are no longer a flame. Over lay the swamp and you will see that the behavior that we find so appalling here is in perfect alignment with a godless, lawless and immoral culture which is what these actions expose. Really I think they are more surprised and aghast that the general public is at all bothered by such behavior. Go on about your business, nothing to see here they are crying. They absolutely believe that we are the problem who hold to any form of rule of law or the laws of God and nature. What this report has found is only the tip of the iceberg. We the People must act quickly to have the swamp creatures removed and brought to justice. Our nation is far closer to the cliff than anyone imagines, in fact if it were a house it would be half way out over the waterfall and halfway on land. The current pulling it over the falls and plunging it into the rocks below. Rise up We the People! God is seeking a remnant that will stand for truth and justice. Support those that will take a stand and fight to have removed those who would continue to destroy our nation.

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