Here is today’s show broken down into shorter segments:


Why the FISA spying with its immoral abuse exposes the godless left and shows America needs God again.


Dr Robert Epstein who was the first to Identify Google Manipulation and whose wife was killed after he received a death threat discusses the Empirical Evidence used to prove Googles manipulation and bias.


Todd McMurtry updates on the Nick Sandman case and also discusses how the comparisons to Greta are apples and oranges. Also how bad the FISA abuse is and its danger to Americans.


Please consider making a donation to support our work in India. A recent report from my Pastor OverSeer in Punjab is that the Sikh have threatened the lives of our 60 Pastors in and around Punjab. They are threatening all Christians and especially the Pastors. The need to provide these ministers with safe and secure homes and to do the same thing for our orphans. You can find pictures here


We have orphans, a bible school, over 200 churches between Punjab, Jammu and Kashmir. Our Pastors are all either former Muslims, Sikh or Hindu. My main Pastor Samuel that I over see and work with needs our help. Please consider a generous donation. We will be having an outreach to nearly a thousand people in February and I will be preaching via our projector and laptop, but it is going to be dangerous for our team on the ground due to these latest threats by the Sikh. Death threats that have been made against our team. Again please pray for them and please consider your most generous gift. Thank you and God bless you!


Pastor Greg


PS I continue to fight here in America for the Constitutional God fearing Republic that our founders gave us. We are God’s light to the world and we must occupy till He comes and advance His Kingdom.


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