Dear Friends

I am writing to you to express a need and to share some encouragement. Tonight the twitter universe exploded because a whistle blower at the DOJ revealed that $530,000 was given to an organization called “Hookers for Jesus” to combat sex slave trafficking. The fact that the founder of the organization was herself a victim of sex slave trafficking and the porn industry and was addicted to drugs, found freedom in Jesus Christ 15 years ago and wanted to do something for the ones she knew were trapped is meaningless to those on the attack. Earlier in the day in my second segment I spoke on the importance of prayer and the Bible in schools.  The foundation of our Constitution being God’s laws and that we are on the right side of this fight for our nation. I shared how Proverbs 6:16-19 describes the playbook of our opposition and how their version of Jesus as a weak and effeminate purveyor of candy canes, tulips and cheap love is not the Son of the Most High God Almighty Creator of Heaven and Earth written about and testified to in the Holy Scriptures. In Luke 12:51 Jesus says. “Do you suppose that I came to give peace on earth? I tell you, not at all, but rather division.” Separating the wheat from the tares. Causing us to need to choose this day whom we shall serve. Luke 17: 1-4 lays out the requirements for forgiveness, the need to repent and 1 John 1:9 gives us both the requirement and the promise. Yes God sent His Son and Jesus love was so great that while we were yet sinners Christ died for us and Paul writes that He counted it as joy that was set before Him that He might by His laying down of His life restore us to the Father. The message I shared along with the entire program was banned by Twitter today. Now it could have been the conversation between Rick Manning and I about the reduction in NSC members and the removal of Vindman and others from the council. Perhaps it was the conversation with David Ward Retired Agent In Charge with DHS Border Patrol on the threat of unknown pathogens coming across the border with illegal immigrants or it could have been the interview with former CIA Station Chief Scott Uehlinger recounting the role of John Brennan and the CIA in enlisting foreign intelligence services to gather and make up information about President Donald Trump and his campaign under the direction of Barack Obama. I would have considered any of those as the cause until I saw the vitriol that was reserved for an organization that is Christ centered addressing a very real issue in our country that is destroying thousands upon millions of lives simply because they use the only real answer to this terrible problem, Jesus Christ. It was that which confirmed for me that it was my segment about God and prayer in school and where our freedom comes from that got me banned. There was one other accusation against Hooker for Jesus and that is that they believe homosexuality is a sin and against God’s laws. You see the forces of darkness are pushing all forms of sexual perversion and sex slave trafficking and porn are their entry points into the culture to bring about government bondage. This leads to the need. I am planning to go to CPAC 2020 at the end of this month. The Log Cabin Republicans intend to make a big push at this years conference and to push their agenda in the conservative world. Sadly their agenda is just as radical as the LGBT agenda being pushed in the Democratic party, they are just trying to do it by breaking down the GOP as they have broken down much of the denominational church. I plan to be on radio row and I plan to take a stand for our biblical values. I need your help with some last minute funding to cover expenses while I am there. I need to raise $1500 to cover the lodging expenses. I am willing to do sponsorships if you would like to help. All donations are tax deductible. This is a missions project and a ministry to stand for the biblical truth that once set this nation a blaze with a passion for liberty and a purpose for preserving that liberty. Our forefathers came to America to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with the New World. Our founders established this country as a place where freedom reigned and they understood that only God could truly make a man free. Please send me to reignite that message in Washington DC.


In His service,


Pastor Greg

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