Dear Friends

I would like to invite you to join in praying tomorrow Good Friday for our persecuted Christians around the World. Please use this link to sign up and join in. There will be 24 hours of prayer from 6 AM Friday to 6 AM Saturday Jerusalem time.

This is a critical time for our brothers and sisters around the world. The CCP Virus has made this situation even more dire for many around the world. India, Nigeria, Southern Turkey, Iran and China have become places of particularly severe persecution. We know that our Lord sees all of these issues and this is the reason for our desire to see a great effort made to have as many as possible joining in this time of prayer. I hope that you can join in.

As we enter to this time of celebrating the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ it is so apparent that at this Passover time we are more than ever reminded of the first Passover where the blood of a lamb was placed upon the door post and the Angel of Death passed over the homes of the people of Israel and the lives of the first born males in Egypt were taken due to the stubbornness of the Pharaoh. As a sign to the power of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob to both give and take life as well as His hand of favor on the Jewish people. Today we are watching so many of our brothers and sisters suffer under the hands of oppressive regimes as they advance the message of Gospel. Many are kidnapped, tortured and killed who live in these areas of persecution around the world. They look to America as the nation most likely to provide them with support and protection. America was founded for the purpose of advancing the Gospel of Jesus Christ according the the writings found in the Mayflower Compact and the acts over 150 years later of the first Congress which commissioned the printing of the Bible so that every home in America would have one. As we reflect upon the amazing grace which has been extended to us by God, let us also remember to pray for those around the world. Let us pray for our President and his family that they would continue to seek God for wisdom to lead our nation. Let us include the Vice President and his family and the other members of the President’s cabinet. May we also remember those who sacrifice on the fields of battle and the First Responders who rush to the rescue. Finally let’s pray for one another, that we might be the hands and feet of Jesus and better love one another.

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