Dear All


Some are calling for Impeachment of Governors who are challenging our liberties. I believe that we are all deeply concerned about the liberties that are being trampled in the name of “Public Safety”. However I would like to remind us that the bar for impeachment has been laid low by a Cabal of Criminals that were set on removing a duly elected President by whatever means necessary.


I think we all would agree that this past three years was about destroying our free election process and resting control from We the People to an elite group of out of control bureaucrats who ignore their “representative” status.


I would suggest that we avoid using “impeachment” except as the nuclear resort and instead file suit against these actions seeking an injunction to stop them until a court  can do its constitutional duty and determine if the actions are with in the states Constitution. Along with that action we must mobilize the people to either a recall or to vote out bad representation and vote in good.



While this may be the longer course it is the course I believe best preserves and restores our Constitutional Republic.



There was a large group who were pushing George Washington to declare himself King of America. But Washington understood that to do so would destroy everything they had fought and died for. That eventually a tyrant would arise.

Our founders feared this as well and warned us accordingly.


While many have been in this fight to save our Republic for many years and we might be tempted to take a short cut feeling frustrated at the apathy of the people or seeing the indoctrination that has taken hold, we need only look at what the “Patriot Act” gave way to. Shortcuts in a Constitutional Republic that speed those who may and in this case are likely correct to power will one day be just as apt to be misused and topple the very system we are battling to defend.



A lawsuit challenging the Constitutional basis for the actions and demanding an injunction and starting a recall vote like we did with Grey Davis in California years ago help protect our election process and do not give undue power to the legislature.


Demand the legislature challenge the Constitutional basis for the Governors action by passing legislation that corrects egregious executive orders.


Respectfully submitted,


Pastor Greg Young

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