So I posted the article about the 1968 Hong Kong Flu. I was six at the time and honestly had no recollection of it. I called my mom to see if she remembered it. She said yes and you didn’t get it. I had to laugh. She was working in the Medical profession at the time and said that no one did anything particularly different. No businesses closed, no nightly news panic, no school closures and no one wore masks. We washed hands and we practiced good hygiene. Then I wondered was my favorite thing in the whole world happening in 1968? The thing my mom would wake me up to watch and let me miss school for? Why yes it was. Apollo 8 December 21-28 and I am positive I saw every broadcast! I was my mom Cathie Damele Young space buddy. Then tonight I found an article in USA Today further fact checking the original article I posted about Woodstock being held in the middle of the pandemic of 1968. Guess what the article fact checked true!! Liberals are melting down every where. Here is another thing I remembered in talking to my mom. We all practiced herd immunity. If one of my friends got sick we all got sick and then we did not get sick again that winter. When my neighbor got Chicken pox my mom sent me over to get it and when I got measles he came to my house. Then we were inoculated. Look did the Hong Kong flu kill people? Yes. Did the flu kill people well yes, and both still do. In fact as I was researching Ibfound there is also a 1957 Pandemic no one is talking about and guess what? It is still around too! Both by the way were deadly to those over 65. Bottom line…suck it up butter cup because viruses aren’t going anywhere and staying home is not going to solve the problem.

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