Race baiting. Identity politics. The left has one playbook and that is calling names and character assassination. That is all they have because they have no facts. Shutting down businesses and locking healthy people in their homes is called Martial Law. In the case we have just seen, they initially compelled us to lock ourselves in our homes and close our businesses unless they deemed that business to be “essential”. They decided who had a right to feed their family and who did not. Who had a right to work and who had to stay home. I know it has become en-vogue on the right to chant the Abortion clinic and liquor store mantra. But I ask you to seriously consider what was deemed essential. Let’s not forget that while hospitals and medical people were being deemed essential, doctors and nurses all across the country were losing their jobs because their clinics were closed unless they were directly treating “COVID19”, the #CCPVirus ,”Corona” or whatever name you referred to it by. Trucks with supplies waited hours in lines to make drops at stores. Meat processing plants were shuttered. What is essential if not food? Some restaurants were open but only for take out or delivery. Clothing stores were closed. Liquor stores were open. SO, I guess running around drunk and naked with long hair and a beard if male, (Oops sorry I forgot you can be female with a beard and a penis these days), are within the law. Abortion clinics are open, which makes sense, since killing babies and the elderly seemed to both be on the essential lists of the Democratic Communist Progressive Party. One thing that is not allowed is opening your business. That can not be tolerated and Dallas Judge Eric Moye brought the hammer down on Shelley Luther for daring to try to stop her renters at her hair salon from starving to death. How dare she want to work and put others to work!! The Governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, who put the order in place, removed the order and instructed the Judge to allow her to open the business. Now because the Judge was black and the Governor and the shop owner are white this has to be about race. Dallas County Board of Supervisors seems to think so and has passed a resolution attacking the Governor for being, well, white!



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