Shared by my friend Pastor Kemble from friends in Texas

Well folks, my fellow “This is Texas Freedom Force” patriots and I are finally home safe and relaxing. We got there at 3pm and left about 20 minutes ago, having been relived by the San Antonio SWAT team and riot police. Folks, it was the real deal. About 75-100 of us showed up along with uniformed officers and the Texas Alamo rangers. All was peaceful and scattered protestors but all in order, then literally a swarm of anarchists, Black Lives Matter, and Antifa folks showed up to take over the Alamo having marched from a local park. The count was 1000-4000 coming for the Alamo, the police surrounded the square with us offering security to the inner perimeter. Then all hell broke loose and they overran the grounds and were moving on the famous Alamo chapel, the visual image you all know about Texas. Open Carry Texas and This Is Texas Freedom Force ran and formed a skirmish line about 75 feet from the front of the Chapel while many police officers ran away or left to another non-tactical position. Texas patriots stood their ground and we held off the mob with maybe 30-40 Texas patriots armed but only to use force as a last resort. They shoved, threw objects, cursed, and all sorts of trash and threatened to burn the Alamo down. It didn’t happen. We held the line and then the San Antonio SWAT team showed up and a quick reaction force of a few hundred riot police and State Troopers. They supported us and took over our positions. Knowing the Alamo was protected, we ended our mission, cleaned up, and went home. No injuries or damage to our personnel or gear. It was a successful mission. It’s up to the police now to defend the Alamo and they will be staying. Our group TITFF worked hand in hand with the SWAT commander and San Antonio Police. We even protected the Alamo Rangers who were overwhelmed. (Cowboy hats). As we were departing with a police escort, they all thanked us for our help, and standing tall amid the danger. I am proud to be a Texan and regardless of what you hear in the news or whatever, a small group of Texas patriots once again defended the Alamo from invaders. Many folks love to talk and like to be Patriots until its time to do “Patriot” work. I highly recommend you all learn from this.#DefendTheAlamo #TexasForever



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