By R. Cort Kirkwood
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CNN’s 24-7 hate-Trump broadcasting for the last four years has been clear. The network would do whatever it could to see President Trump defeated in 2020.

But over the last two days, with secret recordings of the network’s 9 a.m. morning meetings, Project Veritas has shown how and why CNN crafted its ceaseless attack on Trump.

On Tuesday, Project Veritas disclosed tapes in which Zucker said the network must “lean into” negative coverage and go after South Carolina Republican Senator Lindsey Graham because he “deserves it.”

Yesterday, the outfit released tapes of Zucker and his leftist hit squad discussing why they would spike stories about the Biden-Burisma influence-peddling scandal. As well, Zucker called Trump a threat to national security because he discussed voter fraud, another story Zucker and the execs dismissed. And a CNN veep actually said Cubans would vote for Trump because they are attracted to bullies.

So now, again, the evidence is in: The “most trusted name in news” directed its daily coverage to undermine Trump and elect Joe Biden.

Biden-Burisma Influence Peddling? Forget It

One move to protect CNN’s candidate from negative coverage was killing the New York Post’s reports about Hunter Biden’s laptop, which contained an e-mail that showed Joe Biden lied when he said he knew nothing of his son’s business ventures in Ukraine.

The story, published less than a month before election day, proved what everyone familiar with the story has always suspected. Vice President Joe Biden forced Ukraine to fire the prosecutor who was probing Burisma Holdings, a corrupt Ukrainian gas company, to protect Hunter. Burisma paid the drug-addled Biden boy millions.

But CNN wasn’t interested in a story from the “right-wing echo chamber.”

It was a “rabbit hole” that “I don’t think anybody outside of that world understood,” Zucker said.

Hunter’s laptop also contained damning e-mails that detailed the Biden clan’s connection to China, a story confirmed by one of Hunter Biden’s former business associates.

Zucker waved the story away:

The Wall Street Journal reported that their review of all corporate records showed no role for Joe Biden on the Chinese deal, and yes, I do put more credibility in The Wall Street Journal than I do in the New York Post.

Said CNN political director David Chalian:

Obviously, we’re not going with the New York Post story right now on Hunter Biden, which seems to be giving its marching orders to Fox News and the right-wing echo chamber about what to talk about today….

Obviously, Hunter Biden’s lawyer is quoted in the New York Post, and we’ll just continue to report out, this is the very stuff  that the president was impeached over, this is the stuff that Senate committees looked at and found nothing wrong in Joe Biden’s interactions with Ukrainians.

As for voter fraud, Trump was the problem for discussing it.

Zucker said Trump was “continuing to undermine election integrity with baseless claims of fraud … and that leads to the question of whether or not Trump, in himself, is a national security threat.”

Other participants chimed in. Virginia Mosley, CNN vice president of newsgathering said that a postal worker in Erie, Pennsylvania had retracted his claim that superiors ordered employees to backdate ballots. That was false. And because a hate-Trump, GOP election lawyer said voter fraud “doesn’t exist,” claimed CNN general counsel David Vigilante, the network should ignore it.

Cubans Love Bullies Amusingly, another CNN exec stereotyped Cubans, which didn’t raise an eyebrow among the network’s anti-racist watchdogs.

Cynthia Hudson, a CNN senior vice-president and managing director, said she understood why Cubans in Florida support Trump. They love strongmen and bullies.

“Trump has used the communism, socialism, rhetoric as part of his hook for the Cubans in Miami, how that has resonated and how the Biden team, has not done enough to counter that,” she said:

This is all that, that the only reason [Cubans in Miami] are supporting Trump is because of that [Biden is socialist] narrative — and that narrative, and the fact that sadly, I have to say, there’s a population that’s very attracted to bullies.

Because “no one is countering it properly,” Hudson fretted, “the Cubans are going to vote for Trump. And that’s terrifying.”

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