By R. Cort Kirkwood
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Illegal aliens continued their mad rush to the U.S. border in November in anticipation of a President Biden, who has promised an amnesty for the 11 million illegals here now, and open borders for those on their way.

Border agents apprehended a little more than 70,000 illegals in November, the second month of fiscal 2021. That number is about level with October’s.

So far this fiscal year, more than 140,000 illegals have crossed the border, a 60-percent increase over last year’s opening two months.

And Biden isn’t the only public official sending the message that illegal aliens, no matter how dangerous they, are welcome. Leftist congressmen are pushing Biden not to deport illegal-alien criminals.

Big Numbers

Border agents caught or detained 70,052 illegals in November, U.S. Customs and Border Protection reported. Added to October’s figure, the total so far this year is 140,591.

Last year, it was 87,782, which means the masses in Latin America got the message: The borders are open.

Those caught jumping the border totaled 67,101, with 87 percent of them single adults. Another 9,000 or so were “family units” and “unaccompanied children.”

Border Apprehensions — October / November / Total

• Unaccompanied Children —  4,661 /  4,467 / 9,128

• Family Units — 4,556 / 4,121 / 8,677

• Single Adults — 58,422 / 58,513 / 116,935

• Totals — 67,639 / 67,101 / 134,740

The number of inadmissibles — illegals detained at ports of entry — increased only slightly to 2,608; again, almost all were single adults.

• Unaccompanied Alien Children — 131  / 125 / 156 

• Family Units —  113 / 130 / 243

• Single Adults —2,544 / 2,608 / 5,152 

• Accompanied Minor Child — 112 / 88 / 200

Totals — 2,900 / 2,951 / 5,851

Totals for Both Categories — 70,539 / 70,052 / 140,591

As The New American reported last month, numbers have been increasing since May after a major decrease thanks to the Chinese Virus, which illegals are bringing across the border.

Congressional Subversives

As the illegal-alien tsunami continues with another “migrant” caravan headed for the border, leftists on Capitol Hill expect a Biden administration not just to amnesty illegal aliens but also stop deporting illegal-alien criminals.

Last week, Vox reported that leftist Primilla Jayapal, who helps illegals file what are probably bogus asylum claims, is pushing a bill to keep illegal-alien thugs in the country.

Reported Vox:

The resolution demands that the federal government pursue more aggressive reforms. Under the current system, immigration judges can levy only one available penalty against those who commit civil immigration violations or who have been convicted of crimes: deportation….

The resolution argues that judges should instead be able to impose scalable penalties based on the severity of the offense, such as fines, community service, treatment programs, or probationary periods. Deportation should not be the consequence of minor offenses, such as shoplifting or a traffic violation, Jayapal said in an interview.

“We’re seeking to sort of disentangle this idea that all criminals should be deported,” she said.

Other plans the Indian immigrant has for her adopted country might even be worse. She would end detention for illegals caught jumping the border.

Backed by the usual gang of left-wing fanatics, the bill includes a “presumption of liberty for all immigrants,” Vox reported, and ends the federal 287(g) program that permits local cops to question suspicious foreigners about their immigration status.

As for Biden, he has been clear: “Within 100 days, I’m going to send to the United States Congress a pathway to citizenship for over 11 million undocumented people,” he said during his second debate with Trump.

Biden will also bring in tens of thousands of refugees because not inviting the entire world to live in the United States, his website says, is “un-American.” He will also make it easier for green-card holders to become citizens because President Trump made that process “far too difficult.”

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