By Dorothy Cummings McLean
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Kamala Harris was listed as a key business contact by Joe Biden’s brother Jim in his dealings with a Chinese company.

Jim Biden, who with his nephew Hunter Biden and their associates founded a company called SinoHawk Holdings, sent an email to Hunter, James Gilliar, Tony Bobulinski, and Rob Walker listing “key domestic contacts” for their joint venture with the now-bankrupt CEFC China Energy Company on May 15, 2017.

Joe Biden’s future running mate Kamala Harris was mentioned in the email alongside such Democratic Party bigwigs as Governor Andrew Cuomo, then-Commissioner Howard Zemsky, and Senator Chuck Schumer of New York State; New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio and Maria Torres-Springer, the then-President of New York City Economic Development Corporation; then-Governor Terry MacAuliffe of Virginia; and then-Senator Al Frankin of Minnesota.

Harris appeared in a list of California contacts, including then-Governor Jerry Brown, whom Jim Biden marked as a “long-time friend”; Senator Dianne Feinstein; and then-Mayor of San Francisco, current Governor of California Gavin Newsom. Jim Biden described Newsom as “Hunter’s friend.”

News of this email was first published by Fox News on October 22.

Hunter Biden is currently under federal investigation for his tax affairs. The U.S. Attorney’s Office in Delaware is examining whether or not Hunter Biden and his business partners violated tax or money-laundering laws in their foreign interests, especially in China. Although the mainstream media has focused on questions regarding the Biden family’s business arrangements with China, and the extent to which the former Vice-President Joe Biden has been involved in the deals, it has not as yet questioned Kamala Harris regarding her own potential interest in the Biden family business.

David Mulroney, a former Canadian ambassador to China, explained to LifeSiteNews that exploiting contacts in public life for business deals is unsurprising in China.

“The idea is actually quite familiar in China, where deals are often done on the basis of ‘guanxi’ or connectedness,” he explained.

The foreign affairs expert also stated that this is a source of much of China’s corruption, and that it is not unknown in Washington, D.C., bringing “similar results.” Although Americans naturally object to businessmen exploiting their familial ties to public figures, like Joe Biden, in China it is good for business.

“In China, it is the key to wealth,” Mulroney said. “It is almost expected that you would profit from such a connection.”

“But in the west, we expect, often in vain, that people will refrain from exploiting personal connections, something that confers an unfair advantage and corrupts the system.”

Mulroney believes that the connection to Joe Biden is why the Chinese would talk to other Biden family members in the first place.

Tony Bobulinski, the CEO of the SinoHawk holding company, told reporters in October that Joe Biden himself was involved in the family business affairs in China.

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