By Andrea Widburg
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One of the most disturbing things about the 2020 election was to see the big tech companies place their thumbs so heavily on the Biden scale. From overt censorship to sending voting reminders only to Democrats to Google/YouTube’s announcement that it’s deplatforming any challenges to challenge Biden’s fraudulent victory, it’s been tyranny all the way down. Word is now emerging that Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg may have played one of the biggest roles in swinging the election outcome.

One of the things Facebook did all through the election season was to label conservative posts as inaccurate. It then pointed to allegedly “non-partisan” fact-checking reports that purportedly contained the correct information. I reported here about a ludicrous Facebook censorship effort that directed readers to a manifestly biased, and quite stupid, AP article.

The Federalist reported a similar story, which occurred when Mollie Hemingway wrote a wildly popular article pointing out, accurately, that no one had successfully debunked the infamous Georgia vote-counting video. Facebook immediately announced that a third-party fact-checker – Lead Stories – had flagged Hemingway’s article as untrue.

American Thinker dealt with that site’s fake debunking effort hereThe Federalist report about Lead Stories’ fake fact-checking added that the site is not only gets funding from Google and ByteDance, a Beijing headquartered company, it gets money from Facebook too.

Just a couple of days later, news emerged that USA Today, which Facebook also uses as an “independent fact-checker,” relies on wildly partisan college students to do its fact-checking.

Now it turns out that one of the most important Facebook employees, the one responsible for certifying the allegedly impartial fact-checking process, is “unashamedly politically biased” against Donald Trump and was a fanatic fan of Hillary Clinton. According to Sky News Australia,

International Fact-Checking Network certifier and American University School of Communication professor Margot Susca is unashamedly politically biased but she was responsible for issuing 19 fact-check licenses or reviews for organisations to become fact-checkers.

This includes the Associated Press, Check Your Fact, Decrypteurs, Lead Stories, Media Wise and The Dispatch.

Ms Susca has appeared on propaganda network Russia Today to criticise President Trump and has tweeted that it would be a “dereliction of duty” to broadcast his speeches.

In 2019 Ms Susca posted a happy snap with failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton where she admitted “I’ve been on Team Hillary since 08 tbh” and said she was disappointed her likability did not resonate with the public in 2016.

Of course, when one talks about Facebook, one is really talking about Mark Zuckerberg. It turns out that Zuckerberg played an inordinately large role in helping set up unconstitutional voting systems in the disputed states. Phill Kline, a former attorney general for Kansas and the current director of the Amistad Project of the Thomas More Society, testified to the Wisconsin legislature about Zuckerberg’s involvement

Of all the people I’ve heard since the election, both lawyers and non-lawyers, talking about the fraud at issue here, and about the specific activity in which Zuckerberg engaged, I’ve yet to hear someone speak with Kline’s power and clarity. (And, yes, I know about Kline’s war against abortionists, which saw him give up his law license. I don’t believe that has any bearing on the clarity with which he communicates the issues here.)

Spend 12 minutes watching this video and you will have a deeper understanding of the fraud issues in this election:

No one person should have as much power as Mark Zuckerberg, and no corporations should have the power that the tech companies have amassed. The essence of my conservativism is a deep bias against consolidated power, whether in government or individual hands. Watching what Facebook did before, during, and after this election surely supports my philosophy.

Published with permission from the American Thinker.

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