By Calvin Freiburger
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Vice President Mike Pence touted the Trump administration’s pro-life record in what may be the final weeks before being replaced by a pro-abortion Biden administration.

On Wednesday, Pence delivered remarks to pro-life leaders gathered in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building for a “Life is Winning” event “about celebrating the progress we’ve made in the cause for life.”

“Even before our inauguration four years ago, President Trump wrote to the Speaker of the House of Representatives” to say “I believe it is the most basic duty of government to guard the innocent,” Pence recalled. “With that in mind, he made it clear and he said, ‘I will veto any legislation that weakens current pro-life federal policies or encourages the destruction of innocent human life at any stage.’ And President Donald Trump has kept his word every single day.”

“The year before we took office, we actually witnessed, along with the American people, the undercover videos that showed horrific conversations about the sale and transfer of parts of aborted babies. It’s just unconscionable,” he continued. “But thanks to President Trump’s leadership, in March of 2017, I had the honor of casting the tiebreaking vote in the United States Senate to allow every state in America to defund Planned Parenthood, and President Trump signed it into law.”

Throughout the speech, Pence highlighted the pro-life efforts of various figures in attendance, including Sens. James Lankford and Steve Daines, Susan B. Anthony List head Marjorie Dannenfelser, and longtime conservative activist Gary Bauer.

“I believe what we have demonstrated over these past four years is that when men and women who cherish the sanctity of life come together, let their voices be heard; when we rally behind great leaders at every level who will stand without apology for life, we can make extraordinary progress,” Pence said. “So to all the champions for life: Thank you for all you’ve done.”

Pence concluded by imploring his fellow pro-lifers to “not grow weary in doing well,” and by expressing faith that “with your help and God’s help, life will keep on winning in the United States of America.”

The Trump administration’s solid pro-life record includes cutting off foreign aid to abortion groups; disqualifying abortion-involved groups from federal family planning funds; calling on Congress to send the president bans on late-term abortion, infanticide, and taxpayer funding of abortion to sign into law; staffing his administration with committed pro-lifers such as Mike Pence, Mike Pompeo, Charmaine Yoest, Shannon Royce, and Roger Severino; eliminating the Obama-era mandate to provide abortifacient contraception; and appointing numerous conservative judges to federal courts, shifting the balance of at least two circuits so far.

By contrast, former Vice President Joe Biden ran on a platform of effectively-unlimited abortion on demand, at taxpayer expense, and largely without regard for religious or conscience rights. Should Trump ultimately fail to reverse the certification of the presidential election in Biden’s favor, Biden will be able to reverse many of the Trump administration’s pro-life accomplishments, though a more lasting sea change will depend on whether the Georgia runoff elections on January 5 give him a compliant Senate majority alongside the Democrat House of Representatives.

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