Dear Friends

Over the past three weeks dating back to December 7th when my first symptoms and the positive test result received on December 11th I battled Covid. My symptoms included Chills, sweats, body aches and pains, fever, chest congestion that I could not get rid of and severe shortness of breath. In the second week I began to cough up blood, which later proved to be double pneumonia on top of the COVID. As soon as my symptoms started I began taking the following:

10000 IU’s Vitamin D3, 100 mg Zinc, 2000 mg Vitamin C (I used Airborne) and Quercetin with Bromelain. My doctor put me on Azithromycin and Dexamethasone, along with Symbicort and Albuterol. Upon completing the Azithromycin, my doctor started me on a second Anti Biotic to address the potential for pneumonia.

It took until Christmas day for me to begin to feel better and I have been improving everyday since then. I am grateful for all of the prayers and for God’s intervention. I know His hand was on me once again to get me through this.

I wanted to give you a report on the activities we are involved in and where your donations go. Scripture encourages ministry for widows and orphans. In India we are serving 10 orphans full time at our ministry center, providing them with clothes, food, school supplies and showing them the love of Jesus. We also have launched the Chosen Generation Sewing Center where we are teaching 15 widows to sew. This will give them an additional skill set to provide for themselves and their children. These women have lost their husbands who were murdered for their faith.  We also have 19 Bible Students that we re preparing to send out into full time ministry. We provide them food, shelter, clothing and bible training. We also over see approximately 156 churches and Pastors, who are at differing levels of maturity in their ministries. About 40 of them still need monthly financial assistance, while the other 110 or so are self supporting. We were blessed to be accepted by an aide organization that will provide 10 of our pastors with a monthly salary for one year starting in January 2021. Our ministry in India reaches from Punjab to Jammu and Kashmir. Due to the Corona Virus we have been very limited in our ability to reach our Pastors in Jammu and Kashmir, however I recorded a message for them and the Lord truly anointed that message and they have seen amazing fruit from it. Our goal for 2021 is to reach 100,000 for Jesus in India. Our first tent outreach was in November and we saw over 1,500 attend and over 600 receive Jesus Christ with several hundred healings. We also have put in eight fresh water wells and have a goal to put in 50 of those.

Chosen Generation Radio program. Our radio ministry is reaching 45 stations across the country at present. Whether the election fraud is ultimately proven and on January 6th there is an outcome that preserves President Trump in office for four more years or if the fraud continues and Biden and Harris somehow take office, the truth remains that the battle for America is no where near over. America is at a crossroads and her soul is at risk, If it were not for God’s grace and mercy America would have already fallen. What we have is likely the last opportunity for us to return America to the one who has given us our freedom and liberty and who preserves our lives. God is the foundation of this nation. Christianity is what brought pilgrims here at our earliest beginnings. It is the advancement of the Gospel that inspired the idea of a free people whose liberty is not given by government but by God Himself. Equality was written into the documents. A more perfect union was the goal. Sadly we have lost the very foundation that makes the United States of America possible and many have embraced “Separation of Church and State” and the suppression of Christian expression whether it is in school, at sports events, in civic meetings or even in the shutting down of our churches. The lies and the deception of the enemies of America are happening from within and the destruction of faith in America is key to their success. We can not survive without God at the center of this nation and a return to biblical Christian values. This will mean rallying people back to faith and resisting every effort to silence the Christian voice. Chosen Generation Radio with the theme verse of 1 Peter 2:9,10 is the vehicle to bring this Christian Political Biblical Kingdom minded movement to America. Your support makes that possible. Our national prayer call on Tuesdays at 11:30 AM CST. Our radio broadcast and our state and local outreach to partner organizations that have also embraced putting God and Jesus Christ front and center is how we turn this nation around.

In 2021 I am exploring starting a local church here in Bandera. I will be gathering some people together and praying to see what the heart of the Lord is in launching a church. I am excited to see what God will do and would be broadcasting the service over internet for those unable to attend in person.

So we have three areas which your donation will be impacting lives and advancing the Gospel message. Our India ministry, our radio ministry and a local church body.

Finally I come to report on my physical progress. My accident recovery continues. I am still experiencing pain and my mobility has not progressed like I had hoped. My right leg in particular has been a challenge. This is the knee that was crushed along with the top of the tibia. My left leg which was broken in the pelvis, hip, femur, tibia and fibula is actually doing pretty well. Both feet however remain numb, and most of the right leg which makes it feel like something attached to my leg rather than a real leg. The inability for my brain to be able to touch the ground through the nerve makes walking a challenge and so an electric wheel chair is on order for me and I should get it in January. I am asking for assistance with the deductible. I also will need a special vehicle in order to get the chair in and out and to allow me to transport myself. I am also committing to a workout program to lose wait and build my upper body while I wait to se how my legs are going to progress.

Thank you for your support, prayers and love. Together 2021 is going to be a year of growth and seeing God do great things. I am excited for the future because with every challenge we are presented with an opportunity to be God’s hands and feet and to bring about His manifest presence on the earth. Where there is darkness the light has a greater opportunity to shine!

Please consider your most generous year end gift 

God bless you!


Pastor Greg

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