Today on Chosen Generation Radio my second hour guest was Clay Clark and during the interview he offered his number 918-851-6920 to obtain the information below.

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I also want to give you a warning that there are flyers going around encouraging people to come armed to their Capitols on January 17th at noon. Don’t fall for this Antifa inspired trap to get Patriots onto the radar of the FBI and to cause a confrontation. The events at the Capitol in DC that accompanied the Presidents speech were designed to further label supporters of our Constitution and our Republic. The First Amendment states that we have a right to peacefully assemble and to redress our government when they are acting in an oppressive or unconstitutional manner. The Election Fraud and the validating of a fraudulent election plus the unconstitutional lockdowns and business closures and church closures is tyranny against a free people. As such to enter the peoples Capitol to peacefully express their concerns is fully Constitutional. That does endorse or condone the violence that is supposed to have taken place whether it was the murder of Ashli Babbit or the death of the Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick. There were also three others who died of medical complications during the incursion into the Capitol. There are other stories surrounding these events such as the removal of laptops belonging to members of Congress. One rumor is from Gen McInerney who stated that Special Forces captured the Laptops and imaged them looking for treasonous evidence. The laptops were returned in containers that would lend credence to these claims. Additionally there have been claims that President Trump has instituted the Insurrection Act in response to the election fraud, Congressional cooperation with Foreign Actors who assisted in the fraud, interference in criminal prosecutions, continued leaks of classified materials, illegal FISA surveillance, FBi malfeasance, CIA covert efforts against the President and the list goes on. Let me be clear though that I am not saying that this act has been put in place only that it is a possibility. There is also a good chance that we will be facing a Biden Presidency on January 21, 2021. That will create new challenges and we need to be prepared. Food, ammunition, water, personal security measures, spiritual warfare and preparing your spirit, mind and body through your relationship with Jesus Christ. Time spent in prayer and in the bible to keep your mind sharp and at peace will be critical.

Our ministry in India will begin ramping up this Saturday with our first meeting of the new year. We believe the Lord will continue to give us favor there and we plan to reach 100,000 and add 42 wells in 2021. We are training new ministers in our bible school, teaching widows how to better provide for their families in our sewing school, providing food, clothing, shelter and schooling for our ten orphans, p[providing support for our  Pastors we have already sent out (156), and boring wells for fresh water in out lying communities. Our Chosen Generation Ministry is growing daily in India and impacting lives.

Here in America the radio show continues to grow as well. Educating and inspiring Patriots to keep engaged in the battle to defend our Constitutional Republic.

I have been blessed to be approved for an electric chair and it should be here this week or next. The deductible has been paid for through a generous donation and so far I have had $2000 donated to help toward buying a vehicle to transport the chair.

Thank you all for your prayers and support, together we are advancing the Kingdom of God and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. That is the only real answer, to change mens solus.

Pastor Greg

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