By Luis Miguel
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Tyranny comes in many shapes.

For Americans to effectively combat the erosion of their constitutional rights and freedoms, they must first understand who their enemy truly is.

The very individuals and organizations who want to destroy our Republic as conceived by the Founding Fathers have long worked to convince constitutionalists that the threat is and has only ever been from left-wing politicians promoting creeping socialism via the expansion of government power.

While, naturally, growing government is a danger, the problem with this focus is that it looks at the plan, but not who’s doing the planning — and thus leaves Americans unaware of other, simultaneous, plans these same subversives are using.

Thus, it is crucial that anyone engaged in the struggle for the Republic realize that socialist politicians and socialism itself are merely instruments of the overarching enemy, which is a network of the world’s most wealthy and powerful elites, who seek to consolidate power over all spheres of life in their hands.

In the process, they want to abolish Christianity and traditional morality, dissolve the nuclear family, establish transhumanism, and replace independent nation-states with a world government so that their dominion will cover the entire globe.

This network has always promoted socialism in one variety or another because of how perfectly the philosophy aligns with their goals; once supreme power over the people is concentrated in a single central government (and, even better, in a single authoritarian ruler), the elites simply have to pull the strings of that central government or ruler to impose whatever sinister policy they desire on the public.

However, there are many means to the end of total control, and the cabal has learned to apply different tactics and strategies according to circumstance and the character of the people they seek to control.

In the United States, where the freedom and limited government heritage is strong, they cannot be so overt. To get around the suspicion of big government held by so many Americans, the global elite couch their machinations in free market terms palpable to constitutionalists, even though the logical consequences of these nefarious plans are antithetical to the free market and the Constitution.

They cite free market competition to claim immunity from government action, even while they collude to stifle any real competition to their monopolies from emerging.

They claim to be private businesses who should be free from government restraint, even while they prosper thanks to government subsidies, contracts, tax benefits, and regulations that keep smaller entrepreneurs from creating viable competitors. This can be seen today — when the sstablishment saw conservatives flocking to Twitter-alternative Parler, it wasn’t long before Amazon, Google, and Apple colluded to shut the platform down.

In America, where the elites know that the character and education of the people makes it impossible to impose communism in one single step as in other countries, they go for a middle step, one of corporatism, in which left-wing companies and socialist politicians work hand-in-hand to suppress constitutional rights on their respective front.

This was the strategy in fascist countries such as Italy, where the regime of Benito Mussolini presented its economics as a third option between free-market capitalism and socialism. It’s also the strategy of contemporary China, which presents itself as a capitalist economy — despite the fact that the big corporations all have the approval and do the bidding of the communist government.

Joe Biden and a Democrat-controlled Congress will attempt to impose such conditions on the American people; the former vice president is preparing to fill his administration with big wigs from Silicon Valley, including former executives from Google and other major tech firms.

They want to turn America into a technocracy, a system that on the surface will not be completely socialist, but in which the government and the large corporations that dominate the economy reinforce each other’s suppression of freedom.

The mainstream media is now touting such a system openly, noting that the recent censorship wave unleashed in the wake of last week’s storming of the Capitol is a prime example of how Big Government and Big Tech should “effectively” work together.

The left-wing outlet Axios even calls tech CEOs “the 4th branch of government.”

Felix Salmon at Axios writes:

America needs law and order — but emphatically not the kind that President Trump has in mind when he uses the phrase. That’s the message being sent by a broad coalition of CEOs who are silencing Trump and punishing his acolytes in Congress.

Why it matters: Private-sector CEOs managed to act as a faster and more effective check on the power of the president than Congress could. They have money, they have power, and they have more of the public’s trust than politicians do. And they’re using all of it in an attempt to preserve America’s system of governance.

… Driving the news: Tech giants including Facebook, Google, Amazon and Twitter have moved to quiet Trump and the far right. Other corporations are pulling political funding from all legislators who supported overturning the result of November’s free and fair election.

And all of this has happened before the House of Representatives can even schedule an impeachment vote.

Salmon concludes that “The country’s CEOs in general, and its tech CEOs in particular, have found themselves capable of projecting their power onto the White House in a way that was both successful and unprecedented.”

“CEOs must be considered a permanent political force, wielding awesome power,” he writes, echoing the Deep State establishment and following it up with a dire warning for Americans: “This week’s actions won’t be the last.”

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