By Luis Miguel
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The Cult of Social Justice is going to have a new ally in the White House.

Joe Biden has promised to undo executive actions from President Trump that were intended to stop the use of school bathrooms by students of the opposite sex.

Early in its tenure, the Trump administration revoked an Obama-era federal rule that extended Title IX protections to transgender students, allowing them to use the bathrooms and locker rooms of their preference rather than the ones that correspond to their actual sex. Without these Title IX protections, it has been up to the states to make rules on transgender use of facilities, as it should be.

Biden has promised to restore these “protections” for transgenders on his first day in office.

“On his first day in office, Biden will reinstate the Obama-Biden guidance revoked by the Trump-Pence Administration, which will restore transgender students’ access to sports, bathrooms, and locker rooms in accordance with their gender identity,” Biden’s website reads.

“Donald Trump and Mike Pence have given hate against LGBTQ+ individuals safe harbor and rolled back critical protections for the LGBTQ+ community,” the Biden website says of President Trump.

“By blocking the ability of transgender individuals to openly serve their country, denying LGBTQ+ people access to critical health care, proposing policies allowing federally funded homeless shelters to turn away transgender people and federally funded adoption agencies to reject same-sex couples, and failing to address the epidemic of violence against transgender people — particularly transgender women of color — the Trump-Pence Administration has led a systematic effort to undo the progress President Obama and Vice President Biden made.”

Some of the policies he plans to implement as part of his LGBTQ agenda are collecting “data necessary to fully support the LGBTQ+ community,” expanding “access to high-quality health care for LGBTQ+ individuals,” and ensuring “fair treatment of LGBTQ+ individuals in the criminal justice system.”

Biden plans to sign nearly a dozen executive orders during his first day on the job. This includes repealing President Trump’s travel bans on 13 terror hotspots, rejoining the Paris Climate Agreement, and initiating a “100-Day Masking Challenge.”

Of the mask challenge, Biden counselor Jeff Zients, who will be the administration’s Covid-19 response coordinator, said that “This executive action will direct the agencies to take action to require compliance with CDC guidance on mask wearing and physical distancing in federal buildings, on federal lands and by federal employees and contractors.”

“And the president will call on governors, public health officials, mayors, business leaders and others to implement masking, physical distancing and other public measures to control COVID-19,” Zients added.

Another campaign pledge Biden wants to tackle immediately is ending the Migrant Protection Protocols (MPP) that keep migrants in Mexico as their hearings play out. He has also vowed to provide a “pathway to citizenship” for 11 million illegal aliens in the first 100 days of his presidency.

Joe Biden’s assault on basic human biology is just a glimpse into the subversive cultural Marxism that is soon to be pouring out of Washington.

It can’t be stated strongly enough that America is at a critical moment. The global elites view this as a prime opportunity to dramatically advance the most radical aspects of their agenda, which they were unable to do in full with President Trump in the White House and a divided Congress.

Now that socialist Democrats enjoy trifecta control of the federal government, there is little to restrain them at the national level.

It is vital that Americans familiarize themselves with The Great Reset, the Deep State’s plan to radically reshape society and our political system to erode our freedoms and force upon us every item on the leftist checklist, from climate-change totalitarianism to more COVID-19 tyranny to anti-Christian moral perversion.

One of the chief tenets of the Great Reset is the abolition of private property; if the globalists get their way, people will become nothing short of serfs controlled by the ruling elite at the top, owning nothing and “renting” everything from the government, which will easily be able to take away from those who refuse to do as they’re told.

The country faces this dilemma largely because of the betrayals of the nation’s elected officials, but also because, for decades, the people have been uninformed about the Deep State’s true machinations and, as a result, have trustingly voted for and followed opportunistic politicians based on nothing more than nice rhetoric.

If we want to save the Republic, the first step is to learn and then share the truth.

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