By Jessica Marie Baumgartner
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After months of painting the events that occurred on January 6 at the Capitol Building in Washington D.C. as an “armed insurrection,” the mainstream media is currently sitting silent while BLM activists storm the Iowa State Capitol Building. Today, live footage of the event was posted on Facebook and Twitter, yet mainstream news media outlets have not reported on the incident.

This organized event was planned online. It was meant to protest supposedly “racist bills,” but the peaceful event escalated and is currently unfolding with little to no press coverage.

Black Lives Matter has been given unofficial pardons by Democratic government officials and heads of the media, and has even been nominated for a Nobel Peace prize. Yet, the group has caused as much as $2 billion worth of damage, and at least 25 Americans were killed during last summer’s BLM and Antifa-led “unrest.”

The media and government bias in favor of BLM cannot be denied any longer. With the Department of Justice still seeking charges against members of the Oath Keepers and other protesters who were at the Capitol Building on January 6, despite a lack of evidence of anything but “trespassing,” it ignores similar, as well as more violent, actions on the part of BLM.

CNN came under scrutiny when they produced the headline “Fiery but Mostly Peaceful Protests” while covering the George Floyd riots of 2020. By contrast, the same news outlet spun the January 6 events with headlines such as, “Terrifying scope of Capitol attack becoming clearer as Washington locks down for Biden’s inauguration.”

In reality, the “Capitol Attack” looked more like a sit-in than an insurrection. There have been no property damage claims, no guns recovered, and, as mentioned above, barely any charges beyond “trespassing” have held up in court.

When police and local government caught and attempted to charge BLM rioters with crimes for vandalism, property damage, assault, and so on, mainstream-media outlets decried these actions as a “suppression tactic.” Democratic prosecutors and elected officials had many charges dropped. Hollywood stars raised their voices in support of the movement.

But does Black Lives Matter really care about black lives? When the movement is more concerned about good press, political affiliations, and racking up donations than rebuilding communities destroyed by corruption, crime, and poverty, one must wonder. When cities are burned down and ransacked in the name of “justice,” the justice department has lost control of the situation.

The hypocrisy being displayed by the media and our political figures has grown to satirical heights. If this story out of Iowa is even mentioned by major media outlets, it is highly unlikely that BLM will be challenged in the court of public opinion to the same degree that those who were in Washington D.C. on January the 6 have been. This perfectly displays the bias that truly peaceful Americans face.

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