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Pistol Pete (Pete Santilli) announced on Monday that Pistol Petes Jerky is partnering with Chosen Generation Radio (USE CODE CGR) to provide fresh water wells and feed the starving in Punjab India. A percentage of every sale of using the code CGR will result in a donation to Chosen Generation Radio to put in wells and to feed the hungry. COVID has shut the country down and the poor day workers are unable to get work. They rely on being able to go to their landlords farms to draw water, but the farmers are on strike and they have been blocked from being able to access this water.  Pistol Pete Jerky  USE CODE CGR

Here is an update from our Pastor in India:

Praise Report of Bethel Ministry (Chosen Generation)

Indra Colony, Majitha Road, Amritsar, Punjab-143001 India

Hebrews 13:17

Obey Your Spiritual Leaders, and do what they say……

Covid 19

  1. Since 2019 India is suffering badly with Covid 19. India has recorded the highest one-day tally of new Covid-19 cases anywhere in the world – and the country’s highest number of deaths over 24 hours. It has close to 16 million confirmed cases Due to it India’s situation is becoming so weak. The Economic impact of the 2019 to 2021 coronavirus pandemic in India has been largely disruptive. Everything is shutting down before 5pm. There will be curfew after 6pm and Saturday Sunday there is complete lockdown in Punjab. In May 2021 Punjab Government is planning to do complete lockdown for two months. Already some States of India is completely in lockdown.



  1. Due to coronavirus people are losing their hope, jobs, no work.people those who are daily wages they are starving and many people even committed suicide. Many people lost their Business also.


  1. People those who are affected with Covid19, they are not getting proper treatment in Hospital, for the poor people Hospitals are not providing oxygen and beds. Doctors are treating mains rich and politicians. Lot of corruption is there in Hospital. Vaccine is also available only rich and politicians.


  1. Many villages in Punjab and jammu Kashmir are bad impacted due Covid19. Like they don’t have enough food because they not able to get work and even the farmers are on strike in New Delhi, village people were getting their works mostly in cultivation.


  1. Due to Covid 19 and hot weather Many villages are go through the tough time because they are not getting water in their villages, they are fetching the water from far away from the land lords homes. That is very badly impacted for now they don’t allow the poor people to come in their village or areas.


  1.  Children are losing their hope for tomorrow without school .because the schools and collages are closed till date.


  1. Pastors and Churches are badly impacted as Saturday and Sunday its completely lockdown, pastors are not able to conduct Sunday Service because of that pastors families in in big need of food and others expenses. Government has given strict order that there must not be any gathering more than 20people in marriage, funeral etc.


  1.  There are many children who are losing their parents due to Covid and have become orphan.


  1. In Punjab 8,772 +142 have lost their lives till today.



Praise Report of Bethel and Chosen Generation Ministry


  1. Thank and Praise God that God used Pastor Greg Young to reach the unreached people of Punjab with the Gospel. Thousands of people accepted Jesus Christ and hundreds of people were healed through our out reach where pastor Greg Young shared his testimony and  theword of God and prayed for the sick.


  1. Thank and Praise God that with the prayers and support of pastor Greg Young we provided the groceries to hundreds of families till today.



  1. Thank and praise God that Pastor Greg Young helped to put 14 bore wells in the most needed and poor villages of Punjab India.
  2. Thank and praise God that we distributed the warm cloths, shoes to the poor, and needy and orphaned Children and also we distributed the blankets to the poor, and old widows and needy people with the support of Pastor Greg Young.


  1. During the covid 19 We reached hundreds of pastors. Almost we had pastors meeting in every district of Punjab where pastor Greg Young shared his testimony and Word of God and helped them financially and provided the groceries with the support of Pastor Greg Young.


  1. Thanks and Praise God that With the prayers and Support of Pastor Greg Young we have been taking care of ten orphans children. We are so thankful to Pastor Greg Young for supporting the orphans Children.


  1. Thank and praise God that Pastor Greg Young has supporting 65 pastors in Punab financially, spiritually and emotionally. Every month all pastors are coming in Bible School and Pastor Greg Young every month ministered to them from God’s word.


  1. Thanks and praise God that with the complete support of Pastor Greg Young we are running a Bible School, where every year 20 students get graduation and going in unreached village to established the Church.


  1. Thank and Praise God that We have started the sewing center for the young widows free of cost. Its four month course, Chosen Generation is providing the completion certificate so those widows can be self-supporters. This sewing center is being ran by Pastor Greg Young, he is completely supporting this center.


  1. Thank and Praise God that We have started a prayer tower 24 hours prayers is going by the students and believers and pastors.


  1. Thanks and praise God that thus far we have established more 500 churches both in Punjab and Jammu by God’ s grace.


  1. Thank and Praise God that We provided the Bicycles to poor and needy pastors who do not have any transportation with the support of Pastor Greg Young.



We are praying for Pastor Greg Young and Chosen Generation Ministry that God bless this ministry and all who are donating in this ministry for expansion of the Kingdom of God. We are so grateful to Pastor Greg Young, family and all our friends who are completely praying and supporting the ministry here in India. We thank God for pastor Greg Young whom God appointed as our Spiritual mentor, leader and father in this ministry together. If God puts in your heart to donate for the ministry than you can directly contact pastor Greg Young.

Let us keep praying to the Lord to have mercy on our land as we fight back this second wave of Covid-19.

As India battles the alarming second wave of the pandemic, I just want to remind that keep interceding for our country. God has not forsaken us. He will deliver us. Let our people not lo se heart. We will get through this together.

God Bless you all

Pastor Samuel

Dear Pastor Greg Corona is showing its teeth in India, these are some of picture of mass cremations. It is hardest time I ever have seen in my life. We all are Praying in chain with Bible School, believers and pastors for our nation India. Please join us Please donate for food and water

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