In a joint operation by the General Security Service and the IDF, four senior members of Hamas ‘”General Staff Forum” were killed, including the Gaza City Brigadier General, the head of Hamas’ cyber and missile improvement system, and the head of the production system.

The four senior officials who were thwarted in the attack:

Bassem Issa – Gaza City Brigadier General. Senior Hamas operative. Since 2017, head of the Gaza Hamas Brigade. Significantly on the functioning of Hamas’ brigade and military arm.

Jamaa Tahla – Head of the Cyber ​​Network and leader of the Hamas terrorist missile improvement project. Holds a research and development portfolio in Hamas. Tahla is the right-hand man of Muhammad Daf and the central leader of the intensification of Hamas. Hitting him is a significant blow to Hamas’ intensification project.

Gamal Zabda – Head of the Development and Projects Department at Hamas’ production headquarters. Is the main generator of Hamas’ rocket formation. Doctor of Mechanical Engineering who specializes in aerodynamics, has training in a variety of technological fields and is a major and significant source of knowledge at Hamas’ production headquarters. He is one of the senior members of Hamas’ research and development division, and is involved in promoting key projects in the strengthening of Hamas.

Khazem Khatib – Head of the Engineers Department in Hamas’ Production Division. He also serves as Deputy Chief of Staff in the Production Division.

Other senior activists killed in the attack during which Hamas’ main R&D facility was destroyed and much equipment destroyed:

1. Sami Radwan, Head of the Technical Department of Military Intelligence.
Walid Shemali, head of the industrial equipment department in the production system.

In addition, about ten other activists from Hamas’ production and R&D system were killed.


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