Dear Friends

I know many of you were upset with Chip for a statement he released blaming the President for the events of January 6th at the Capitol. I too was upset with him for making that assumption and believe it was a mistake. It is also the same position that many conservatives took in the aftermath of those events as they were goaded into it by Democrats and pundits and were led to believe it was the proper conservative response. Radicals assaulted the Capitol and how can you not be against violence at the Capitol? A Capitol Officer is dead because of Trump supporters. (A LIE) Trump Supporters broke windows and broke down doors to get into the Capitol. (A LIE) Capitol Police were assaulted by Trump Supporters. (A LIE) All of that narrative and microphones stuck in their faces and they played the note they had been tuned to play.

Now the FBI and Capitol Police have been caught harassing and detaining people who never were at the Capitol. There is video evidence that ANTFIA members were paid to create these scenarios wearing Trump MAGA hats. It has been revealed that Trump rallies were held at the Capitol with permission and the attacks on the Capitol were on the other side of the building, too early for the people from the Ellipse to arrive and while the permitted rally was still in full swing. All this to say that while I still disagree with Chip I can see where he was not the only one that fell for the ruse.

So why do I support him? Because he has been unwavering in pushing back against the progressives and the RINO’s. A recent example is Elise Stefanik. When Liz Cheney was voted out as she should have been, the buzz was for Elise Stefanik and President Trump endorsed her. All of his supporters then fell in line with that decision. One problem, no one took the time to review her voting record. Did she embrace an America First Agenda? Would she support candidates that will uphold the Parties traditional values of both social and fiscal conservatism? Or would she promote moderate unprincipled establishment RINO’s like McCarthy and Ryan before him have endorsed. Remember that the GOP held both chambers and the White House coming out of the 2016 election. Yet the agenda items of the GOP were never in any serious danger of being passed and sent to the President’s desk. Because RINO’s ran the House and Paul Ryan was obstructing along with the Democrats. Look how the Democrats are using their majorities to pass the most radical and sweeping changes in our nations history. This is where we better wake up and realize who a Stefanik actually is. President Trump was thwarted because he thought the losers would play fair. He thought like in a Corporate Take Over the winning team got the managers they wanted in place to run the company as they saw fit. That anyone who stayed would be a team player. Welcome to DC and Politics where there is no honor. President Trump actually did attempt to mend fences and bring unity and what he got for his trouble was a deep state more emboldened and more in control than before he took office. Sadly putting Stefanik in as the conference chair assures the deep state and the establishment that no matter what happens in 2022 or 2024 they remain the real power players at the table. That is why I am supporting Chip because he understood who Elise Stefanik is and what she will do to our conservative values. Here are a few highlights:

Stefanik ‘s record:

Voted against President Trump’s Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 — the signature piece of economic legislation that fired up the economy.

She co-sponsored a pathway for Dreamers and amnesty called the USA Act. Numbers USA gave her a 17% rating.

Stefanik not only voted against funding President Trump’s border wall, but also voted to terminate Trump’s emergency declaration to fund the wall and to override President Trump’s funding of the wall. In fact, Stefanik voted 6 times to fund the government without money for the border wall.

It’s not just taxes and the border wall.

Stefanik voted to oppose President Trump’s lawsuit to fight Obamacare. She voted to override President Trump’s ban on transgender troops.

She voted for the far-left “Equality Act” that punishes faith-based organizations.

And she voted for the radical Climate Action Now Act that would cripple the American economy and forced President Trump to stay in the Paris Climate Accord.

She voted to ban drilling in the Gulf of Mexico.

The NY congresswoman voted to override President Trump’s veto of the National Defense Authorization Act as recently as 2020.

She even voted with Democrats against a Republican measure opposing the District of Columbia’s aggressive abortion law.

Ask yourself why Frank Luntz’s roomie Kevin McCarthy would push for her? Someone needs to get to Trump and have him withdraw his support.

The research was conducted by Erick Erickson, but if we only had Rush Limbaugh to get to Trump on this. As much as we dislike Cheney violating the constitution while claiming DJT did, Stefanik is worse than she is.


Friends we and the President have been duped and someone in the Presidents current inner circle knows this truth and hid it from him. We all make mistakes and take ill advised leaps. However, this is a mistake we can not afford to make again. So I will stick with Chip and the Freedom Caucus that voted for him instead of Stefanik and I hope you will too.


Pastor Greg

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