I am honored to be a Member of the Save the Persecuted Christians Advisory Board in honor of my late friend Phil Haney. Please help us send a message that we do not support the barbaric behavior of the CCP (Communist Chinese Party) and their organ harvesting of Christians and Uighurs. They host Organ Vacationers who are given organs taken out of perfectly healthy Christians and Uighurs who are being held against their will and put on machines while their internal organs are removed until they are all gone and then the machines are turned off and they die.  Yet the International Olympic Committee as they did with Adolf Hitler are allowing them to host the Olympics and parade their nation in front of the world with impunity. Join us at www.genocidegames.org on Wednesday June 23rd to express your outrage on line. You can get more information at the web site including how you can help. We are also having an event on July 13th in DC at the www.IRFSummit.com For more information please follow the links.

We are also fighting slavery in Nigeria and Christian Genocide. Please check out our web site www.FreeNigerianSlaves.org to get more information and find out how you can help. Slavery in Africa is a secret that the left and the BLM do not want you to know about because it upends their 1619 narrative and CRT. Both of these lies rely on you believing that it was White Christians that went to Africa and brought slaves here. That it is the White man and Christians who have been the bad guys and have caused all the worlds pain and suffering and lets not forget their hate for the Jews as well. The truth is that Islam has been murdering and enslaving for 1400 years and they are not slowing down. Nigeria is a critical logistical and strategic target by Islam and we must help our Christian brothers and sisters get free. Please go to the web site and sign up to stay informed today. Lastly be sure to follow www.savethepersecutedchtistians.org Thank YOU!!

Here is the Letter from the AG in AZ Mark Brnovich to AG Merrick Garland demanding they respect the 10th Amendment:


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