Shattering the Myth of US Aid to Israel

This article addresses issues that American Israel haters, their Arab and Muslim supporters (Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, Linda Sarsour, CAIR, etc.), and the main stream fake media, never obviously bring to the attention of the American people.

As always, I deal with Facts not concocted Lies and Myths propagated by malevolent authors and so called ‘experts’ and pundits.

Let me start with the most relevant item of Truth:

Not a single American soldier has died fighting to defend Israel in the last 73 years, since the establishment of the State of Israel in 1948. Not one.

Tragically, in the same period of time, tens of thousands of American soldiers have died or got wounded either fighting for or against Arabs and or Muslims from Afghanistan to Iran; from Kuwait to Yemen, from Iraq to Lebanon and from Libya to Somalia. What an incredible waste of precious American lives, defending the very peoples that hate them.

Adding insult to injury, the billions of dollars of US tax payers given as aid to Arab and Muslim peoples are totally squandered since Muslims – by their Sharia compliant belief system of Islam – have absolutely no loyalty to or appreciation for the generous and compassionate American people.

They are told by their Imams and leaders, that the aid received from non Muslims is not charity but Jizya (compulsory penalty paid by non Muslims in humiliation to Muslims). Can someone with a spine in congress ask Ilhan Omar or Rashida Tlaib to elaborate?

Israel of 8000 square miles which started with 600,000 Jews and 150,000 Arab citizens in 1948 has become – a nation of about 6,000,000 Jews and 2,000,000 Arabs (in racist and apartheid Israel?) – a powerhouse of advancement in almost every field of knowledge and human intellect: Scientific, Artistic, Agricultural, Literary, Medical, Industrial, Military, Social, Spiritual and others, out producing not only 22 surrounding Arab states, but the entirety of 57 Muslim majority countries on Earth of 1,500,000,000 billion souls combined.

The most dramatic change in the relationship between the USA and Israel occurred, after Israel’s 1967 stunning victory of the Six Days War. From that date onwards, many leaders in the USA had come to the realization that this very tiny state is actually a very strong, mature, powerful and most important of all, an extremely reliable partner and ally as well as being self-reliant in its own defence.

They found out that Israel single handedly trounced the might of six combined Arab armies, two of which, Egypt and Syria, were fully armed by the Soviet Union. In one week in 1967, the balance of military power in the Middle East was completely changed in favour of Israel.

Regularly, Israel proved herself to be literally the front line in defence of Western Civilization against the rising onslaught of Islamic Jihad and terror, all over the world.

Israel’s paramount usefulness was fully demonstrated by the indisputable fact, that had it not been for the 1981 Israeli destruction of Iraq’s Osirak nuclear reactor, the US and the Free World would not have been able to liberate Kuwait or even possibly Saudi Arabia from the clutches of a Nuclear Armed Saddam Hussein following his 1990 occupation of Kuwait.

Of course in 1981, not only did the Europeans unjustly and immorally accuse Israel of aggression, but the State Department chimed in also (I am ignoring the reflex condemnations emanating from the dysfunctional Un-United Nations).

Thankfully, at least Defence Secretary Dick Cheney in October 1991, after the defeat of Saddam in Desert Storm, redressed the condemnation by saying:

“Let me tonight in front of this group thank my good friend David Ivry (Mossad) for the action Israel took in 1981 with respect to the (Osirak) nuclear reactor.” He added:
There were many times during the course of the build-up in the Gulf and the subsequent conflict that I gave thanks for the bold and dramatic action that had been taken [by Israel] some ten years before.”

The strength of the alliance between Israel and USA manifested itself by Israel’s acceptance not to retaliate against Saddam’s deliberately provocative missile attacks upon Israel’s citizens, so that the Arab-US military alliance of Desert Storm would not unravel.

American detractors of Israel, in numerous articles, begin by citing that Israel receives the lion’s share – allegedly (55%) – of US military aid, thus conjuring up the canard of an all-powerful Israel lobby that has turned the US Congress into its pawn.

They willfully and with malice aforethought, ignore the crystal clear reality, that Israel of 6 million Jews is surrounded by Arab peoples of about 400,000,000 and Iran’s Ayatollahs terrorist regime, who’s publicly declared intention is to eradicate her off the face of the Earth; irrespective of their so called ‘peace’ agreements. That without her advanced military and scientific technologies, Israel would have been wiped out in 1967, 1973 or at any time thereafter.

Most people think of U.S. military aid to Israel as Washington doing Jerusalem a favour — the shocking truth is almost the exact opposite.

It is important to comprehend, that although there is on paper –  just under $4 billion a year in military aid to Israel – it is in fact, corporate welfare for U.S. based military contractors, where the money eventually ends up. Joe Biden, of all people, should know this: He worked for Obama’s administration that set up the current system.

The Israeli government is obligated to spend 75% of U.S. military aid with U.S.-based firms; meaning that of every $1 in aid to Israel, 75 cents supports Lockheed Martin and similar American firms.

The remaining 25% are spent on mutual R&D that helps both nations to create better systems of defence.

In reality – although the above figures reflect official direct US military aid – they are almost meaningless in comparison to the real costs and benefits of US military aid; above all, American boots on the ground in the host states.

When the latter costs are taken into account, Israel actually receives a small fraction of total American military aid; most of which 75% as I mentioned, is contractually spent in the US to the benefit of the American economy.

 Let me now share with you – by factoring in – the real military costs, to find out if Israel’s haters and disparagers are lying or not.

There are about 174,000 American troops stationed in 140 countries around the globe. This costs the American taxpayer about $US 40 billion. In simple terms, for every 1,000 American soldiers stationed abroad, it costs the USA $230 million of aid to the country in which they are located.

Therefore, US military personnel stationed in Japan are about 55,000; this translates into US aid to the tune of $12.65 billion.

Germany, with about 64,000 US troops on its soil, receives aid equivalent to around $14.72 billion

South Korea, with about 27,000 US troops, receives over $6.21 billion

Therefore, Germany by far, receives the lion’s share of US military aid; not Israel by any measure conceivable.

Iraq ($5.3 billion), Afghanistan ($5.1 billion), Israel ($3.1 billion), Egypt ($1.2 billion), and Jordan ($1.2 billion).

Egypt, Jordan, Bahrain, Kuwait and others receive in total per annum more than what Israel receives.

Moreover, the above figures totally underrate the total actual expenditures, since they do not include the costs of maintaining the US Carrier battle groups that add hundreds of billions more that are used to defend America’s allies in the Pacific, Atlantic and others.

In fact, these figures, as well as the costs of NATO and other military exercises are buried in classified enormous US military expenditure figures.

Israel’s detractors never take into account any of the above costs in their calculations nor more costs entailing US air and naval forces constantly patrolling the Pacific Ocean, China Seas, the Persian Gulf and Baltic to protect American allies in Europe, the Middle East and the Pacific – at American expense.

On the other hand, and in striking contrast, not a single US plane has ever flown to protect Israel’s airspace. No US Navy ships patrol to protect Israel’s coasts. And most importantly, no US military personnel are put at risk to ensure Israel’s safety.

US troops – in Japan, South Korea, Germany, Kuwait, Qatar, the Baltic states, Poland, and elsewhere – are a vulnerable tripwire used in the hope, that their presence will deter attack – unfortunately, there is never any assurance that an attack will not take place. Should such an outbreak occur, it will no doubt cost American lives.

This does not happen in Israel, which defends its citizenry with its own troops. The historical record proves, that there is no danger that in Israel, the US might find itself embroiled in wars like those it waged in Iraq and Afghanistan at a cost of over US$4 trillion.

U.S. aid to Israel isn’t only about saving Israeli lives — it is also about creating U.S. jobs and fattening U.S. profit margins.

Suspending or reducing U.S. military aid to Israel would not be a catastrophic event to the Israeli military, since in actuality, it does not need the money as much as it needs – more than anything else – the symbiotic relationship between two exceptional freedom loving peoples helping each other.

The questions facing the United States at this moment in its relationship with Israel, should not be based only on finance. There are more important demands to consider, such as dealing with values, interests, scientific and military technologies, counter terrorism as well as international relations.

These issues are putting Joe Biden in a tough spot, because although his party has many prominent Jews, the Democrat party that he has today has devolved into a sewer of leftist, Islamist, unruly, unpatriotic, anti-White self-loathing party members.

How is it possible for the Sharia compliant Muslims, Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib – who recently stated that America is as evil as Hamas and the Taliban – to ever be loyal American citizens, when their Allah’s Quran, forbids them from ever accepting any constitution or law, other than Allah’s Sharia?

As Muslims, their virulent hatred of none Muslims (80% of current humanity called Kuffar/Infidels), and especially of Jews, is visceral since it is religiously mandated in Muhammad’s Quran and has absolutely nothing to do with the ‘palestinian’ land charade, the alleged ‘occupation’, or the mythical Al Aqsa mosque deception.

How else can any American explain Ilhan and Rashida’s support for Hamas – which is an American and Arab declared terrorist entity fully supported by the America hating terrorist Ayatollahs’ Iranian regime? To whom are they showing their loyalty?

What is most shocking of all is the fact, that not a single member of both houses, of over 530 souls, has had the backbone and or the patriotism, to excoriate these two treasonous misfits.

The tragedy of America today is the reality, that what Obama was not able to finish from his agenda to ‘change America’, the Democrats and Biden are presently fulfilling it.

Every passing day under Biden’s watch, is another rung in the downwards spiral, of the financial, educational,  social, political and military US collapse.

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