By Selwyn Duke
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From the schoolroom to the board room to video on Zoom, Anti-whiteness 101/Divide-and-Conquer Theory (a.k.a. Critical Race Theory) has swept across America like an invading horde. In fact, despite spirited opposition from parents and others coast to coast, it continues spreading due to pseudo-elite embrace.

One of the latest examples involves pricey pre-k-to-12 school Columbus Academy in Gahanna, Ohio. After two mothers, Andrea Gross and Amy Gonzalez, created a group called the Pro-Columbus Academy Coalition to combat the anti-white CRT bigotry that had consumed the institution, school officials responded:

They expelled the women’s three daughters.

This might smack of North Korea, where children (a few family generations, actually) are often punished if their parents defy the regime. But what really sounded Marxist were the reasons school headmistress Melissa Soderberg gave for expelling the girls.

In a letter sent to every Columbus parent and signed by the Board of Trustees’ president, a local developer named Jonathan Kass, the two officials explained that by complaining about bigotry, the mothers had caused “pain, and even fear for physical safety, among students, families, faculty, and staff.”

“In other words, if you dare to question us, we won’t disagree with you,” stated Fox News host Tucker Carlson last night. “We’ll attack you, we’ll hurt your children, and we’ll accuse you of assault. You’re making us afraid.”

This is a common technique of those who, unable to stand on Truth, stamp on Truth-tellers. They redefine rational dissent that would otherwise refute their lie-based agenda as “violence,” then use that as an excuse to discredit and silence you (and, when they have enough power, to throw you in a gulag).

Carlson interviewed Gross and Gonzalez on his show yesterday evening (video below).

Where Carlson errs is in saying that Columbus has “hurt” the women’s daughters. Soderberg actually did the girls a favor by expelling them from an overpriced (tuition: up to $30,000-plus yearly), morally and intellectually degraded institution that could only corrupt their minds.

People need to shed the illusion that a school is “elite” because it charges an arm and a leg, puts kids in a stately building, and has all the latest bells and whistles. If an institution is teaching the bad fruit that is CRT, it’s a bad tree that will yield nothing good.

Speaking of which brings us to our next CRT Hall of Shame example, Manhattan’s posh Spence School, which caters to New York City society girls. It broke a few weeks ago that Spence had shown a graduation-day video to eighth-grade students that, as parent and Hispanic tech exec Gabriela Baron put it in a scathing letter, “openly derides, humiliates and ridicules white women.”

As for details, “The ‘comedian’ in the video shown to the class called white women ‘annoying’ and asked white feminists, ‘What percentage of white women do you hate?,’ [sic] adding that ‘there is a right answer,’” relates commentator Andrea Widburg. “She invited four white women named ‘Karen’ on the stage, making sure they and her audience knew that Karens are ‘obnoxious, angry and entitled, often racist, white women.’  You can read Baron’s entire letter here, where the Daily Mail has screen shots.”

The story might have ended with Baron’s complaint if Spence principal Bodie Brizendine and the school board had issued a sufficient mea culpa. But their apology, in which they called the video “satirical” and wrote that they “fully trust the professionalism of our dedicated faculty, and … will be strengthening faculty protocols,” only further inflamed Spence parents. In fact, a group of them explicitly rejected the apology. You can read more details about this here and here.

To be clear, the idea that such a video can be considered a joke is a joke itself. When comedian Jackie Mason did ethnic humor in his 1980s show The World According to Me, he poked fun at a host of groups including his own (Jews); it was light-hearted, meant in fun and, most importantly, hilarious.

Yet while the wokesters would now condemn Mason’s humor (it’s amazing it’s still on YouTube), they indulge and encourage what truly inspires hatred: targeting one group — and only one group — continually and relentlessly, with vicious, condemnatory ridicule. Purported humor isn’t funny unless everyone, including its object, is laughing. So what we’re witnessing isn’t humor — it’s organization Genocide Watch’s fourth stage of genocide: “DEHUMANIZATION.”

This said, perhaps Spence parents deserve some ridicule, but not for their race. Since they spend almost $60,000 yearly in tuition to have their children indoctrinated, the saying “A fool and his money will soon be parted” comes to mind. Note, too, that these swank private schools must still have plenty of suckers forking over the dough — otherwise they’d be forced to change their ways.

The last CRT example (for today) involves defense contractor Raytheon. Citing journalist Chris Rufo, Tucker Carlson also reported last night that according

to Rufo, Raytheon launched what he considers a “political indoctrination” program to teach employees to plainly “judge each other on the basis of race.” He revealed that the training provides specific rules for how White employees should speak to their Black colleagues.

“And they even said employees should reject the principle of equality and favor equality of outcomes which is a synonym for socialism, maybe communism,” he said.

Raytheon’s training also states that White, straight, Christian men top the “oppression hierarchy” and must “step aside for minorities” .

Of course, Raytheon is no doubt largely run by “white, straight, Christian men.” Will they relinquish their lucrative positions and “step aside for minorities” — or is that only something the blue-collar white guy has to do in deference to their lofty ideals?

Then again, the rich Raytheonites may have a loophole. They likely aren’t Christian but worship a darker force when they’re not worshipping the almighty dollar. Or is that redundant?

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