My advice to Jews in Europe, the Americas and Israel “You are facing a repeat performance of 1930’s European Jew hatred as it exhibited itself with the rise of Fascism and Nazism. Once again you are alone; be prepared for the worst”

As always, I share with readers the facts, based entirely on the realities facing us today, with all the proofs necessary.

In 1933, Hitler was elected Chancellor of the Third Reich and his Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei, NSDAP, or National Socialist German Workers’ Party (Socialist NOT extreme Right) with (33.1%, the largest) of the Reichstag members.

Disturbingly, in the year 2021, the USA, Canada and most of Europe, are under the rules of Socialist political parties.

Almost exactly as a repeat performance of the 1930’s, Jews all over the world are once more abandoned by the Western Democracies and most assuredly by the so-called Christian world.

Once again, while the Muslims in every Western country and all over the Muslim world, are publicly and with blood curdling declarations calling for the extermination not only of Israel, but of all Jews, the ‘Christian’ peoples everywhere are not only deafeningly silent once more, but in many cases aiding, abetting and supporting the attempted genocide of the Jews.

Yet again, the New York Times that with malice aforethought. covered up the Holocaust from the 1930’s till almost the end of WWII, is once more, not only underplaying the Muslim world’s crystal clear declarations to eradicate Israel off the face of the Earth, but also supporting the terrorists of Hamas and undermining Israel.

How is it possible for any rational, moral and decent human being watching thousands (4000) of missiles fired by Hamas – from residential areas in Gaza indiscriminately against Israeli civilian targets – yet Europeans, Americans and their leaders remain silent and apathetic, while Israel is accused not only of aggression, but of Crimes against humanity?

Hamas is actually guilty of a double dose of War Crimes, since they launch their missiles from Gaza’s residential areas (Apartments, Hospitals, Schools, Mosques, Etc.), indiscriminately against Israeli civilian and residential areas

How is it logical that the UN is allowed by the West and others to produce yet another set of resolutions against Israel defending itself, while Hamas is not even declared the aggressor?

Of course these are possible when the so-called Western Democracies and most of the other countries in the UN, vote reflexively against Israel instead of blocking every single one of these outrageous and obscenely immoral as well as unjust declarations.

Of course it is possible, when billions of dollars are given to the so called Palestinians by the European Union members, the USA and Canada, while they have known perfectly well for almost 70 years, that their aid is used almost 90% of which to line the pockets of the corrupt Arab leaders, to build terror tunnels against Israeli civilian targets, to allow the children of the ‘palestinians’ be educated in their schools from age 3, to hate and how to murder Jews.

Of course it is possible when the USA, Canada and most of the European leaders are courting the terrorist theocracy of the Ayatollahs of Iran by lifting the sanctions against them and are more than willing to allow them to obtain Atomic Bombs.

Of course it is possible when pope Francis, the leader of 1.2 billion Catholics and the remaining leaders of a further 1.2 billion Christians are deafeningly silent not only in not defending the right of the Jews to exist in Israel, but not lifting a finger to support them regarding Jerusalem over which tens of thousands of Christians died to secure it from the Muslims during the Crusades.

In its current mutation, Jew hatred is now manifesting itself in the following two ways~

  1. It is disguised rhetorically in political not religious terms – by all varieties of Jew haters –  as either anti zionism or anti-Israel.
  2. While the “Final Solution” of the Holocaust, was the end result of 1700 years of systemic Christian Jew hatred (not incited in the Gospels), it is now propagated almost entirely by Muslims from all over the world – not only by Arabs – based entirely on Muhammad’s Quranic Medina hatred rabble-rousing verses and the Hadiths.

The worst term obfuscating the truth of Jew hatred is the word “antisemitism” used by the totally misguided and or misinformed media and many very ill informed Jewish leaders.

Never in history, was there the term “antisemitism”, prior to it being first used in the 19th century.

The German word antisemitisch was first used in 1860 by the Austrian Jewish scholar Moritz Steinschneider (1816–1907) in the phrase antisemitische Vorurteile (antisemitic prejudices). Steinschneider. He used this phrase, to disprove the French philosopher Ernest Renan’s false ideas, about how the ‘Semitic races’ were inferior to the ‘Aryan races’.

The context of its use was to do with the Semitic races that include not only Jews (Hebrews), but also Arabs, Canaanites, Akkadians, Arameans and others. Therefore “antisemitism” has absolutely nothing to do with Jews only.

Hitler – who admired the Arabian Muhammad, his Quran and ‘militant’ Islam – never addressed the subject of the Semitic race in his “Mein Kampf”. Furthermore, his foremost supporter was Haj Amin al Husseini, the Arab Mufti of Jerusalem. Hitler always ranted: Juden!Juden!Juden!/ Jews!Jews!Jews! and so did 80,000,000 Germans and almost the entirety of Europe excluding Britain.

Therefore, the term “antisemitism” should and must be expunged from current vocabulary since it does not include almost 400,000,000 Arabs.

Islamic Jew hatred is very easy to understand since every Muslim must be Sharia compliant, therefore must follow and emulate exactly their mentor Muhammad’s thoughts, deeds and practices as mandated in his Quran and Sunna; the foundations of Sharia.

After all, Muhammad hated Jews because the Arabian Jews of Medina – as well as the Arabian Christians – refused to accept him as ‘rassool Allah’/ ‘messenger of Allah’, knowing full well – based entirely upon his alleged ‘revelations’ – that he was a charlatan. He and his Arab converts to Islam thereafter, either slaughtered the Jews and Christians or exiled them from their native lands in Arabia.

The current Jew hatred that has lately revealed its ugly face during and after the Hamas-Israel battle, has been choreographed, financed, incited, implemented and acted upon, by the millions of Muslims who have flooded Europe and the Americas more than the homegrown regular Jew haters.

The worst offenders are not the Muslims, but most of the peoples and their leaders in the Western democracies, whose silence is sickening. Not a single Christian or political group of repute, in either Europe or the Americas, demonstrated their support of the Jews in their countries.

On the contrary, most of the Western media and so called pundits, sided with Hamas that directed 4000 missiles from Gaza’s civilian areas, indiscriminately against Israel’s civilians.

As I have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt – in my several earlier articles:

  1. That Allah – in Muhammad’s Quran – asserts that he (Allah) bequeathed the Holy Land (Israel) to the Israelites because he (Allah) chose them above all the other peoples on Earth (thus corroborating the Bible)
  2. There was no Aqsa mosque on the Temple Mount in the year 622AD to which Muhammad allegedly visited in his mythical Night Journey
  3. Nor was the Temple of Solomon existing, since it had already been destroyed, at least 550 years earlier, by the Romans.
  4. There never was a state called Palestine and its people Palestinians in the last 6000 years of recorded history (can anyone name a single Palestinian king?)
  5. After all, the Arabs under the terror flag of Islam, occupied the Holy Land by force of arms from the Christians and Jews, therefore their claim for sole ownership is null and void, since they were and are not indigenous to these lands.

Every single item of claim by the Arabs and Muslims, is based on gargantuan mendacities, perversion of Allah’s Quran, dislocation of history, distortion of reality, contortion of the Bible, obscene degrees of self-deception and the never ending claims of Conspiracy Theories as to why and how Muslims are oppressed, feared and discriminated against when in fact, every single Sharia compliant Muslim is the eternal and mortal enemy of every human being on Earth who is NOT a Muslim (currently 80% called Kuffar/ Infidels).

In a nutshell, the Jews are only the spear point of their hatred because they are the smallest Abrahamic religious entity of only 15,000,000 worldwide while the Muslims are at least 1,500,000,000 (1:100).

In the meantime, all the main Western news media, academia, politicians, pope Francis and most of the other ‘Christian’ denominations, are ignoring the mass murders, forced conversions, abductions, rapes and terrors committed against Christians in Africa, Asia and the Middle East, by Muslims.

History has proven that what starts against Jews never ends only with Jews.

Therefore, the question on my mind:

Is “Never Again”, On Again?

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