African Americans & the Democrat Plantation

by Al Rassooli   

Although I am not an American citizen but an Iraqi in exile in Europe, I have absolutely no doubt (as far as I am concerned) that the American Constitution is the most exceptional freedom and justice loving political document ever conceived by the human mind. This is also exactly why there is such a thing as American exceptionalism.

Therefore, for over a decade, I have been very much involved in trying to bring to the attention of all Americans, events, issues and facts that not a single one of the Main Media would ever bring to their attention because almost the entirety of the US Media, Academia, Clergy and most Politicians are so called ‘liberals’ when in reality they are Leftist Globalists who have been undermining, misinforming, misleading and deceiving “We the People” for at least the last 60 years.

I have been doing so as a guest on so far 1837 radio talk shows (dealing with worldwide current affairs, US, European and Middle Eastern politics, etc.) as well as, thousands of articles and e mails and my Trilogy of “Lifting the Veil: The True Faces of Muhammad & Islam”

I am extremely concerned about the future of the USA if the Democrats are not decisively defeated in both houses in 2022.

According to the estimates of US population (327,000,000) in 2018:

76% White (241,000,000), 18% (59,000,000) Hispanic, 6% (19,000,000) Asian, and 13% Black (42,000,000).

There is no doubt that the American electorate is at the moment divided by approximately 48% Democrats; 46% for the GOP and 6% so far undecided.

Although this article is about African Americans, it is important also for all Americans to comprehend.

Neither in the 21st century, nor at any time in recorded history that humans earned free, because there is absolutely nothing FREE, not even the air we breathe because we are being TAXED to have clean air (let alone clean water to drink). Therefore, anyone –especially a politician – who promises the electorate Free Anything (Health care; Education; Housing; Open Borders; etc.) can only be one of the following:

  1. An extremely stupid person
  2. A pathological liar and charlatan who thinks that most American citizens are very Stupid

Whichever way, not one of them is worthy of being employed as a janitor at Penn Station.

Tragically for the American people, this is exactly what every single one of the Democrats continue promising the American electorate. Every single one of them.

African Americans –  since Abraham Lincoln – obviously supported the Republicans who helped emancipating them because the Democrats were the party that denied them liberty until they switched during the Depression Era (1932).

From the conclusion of the Civil War in 1865, African Americans had supported primarily the Republican Party.

The Republican Party was the party of Abraham Lincoln, “the Great Emancipator.” It was the so-called “Radical Republicans” who passed the Civil Rights Act of 1866, and drafted the Fourteenth Amendment, preventing states from denying rights to U.S. citizens.

In 1868, African Americans from the South were allowed to vote in a presidential election for the first time and they helped elect Ulysses S. Grant.

It was during his presidency that the Radical Republicans introduced and ratified the Fifteenth Amendment, which stated that a citizen’s (male only) right to vote could not be denied because of “race, colour, or previous condition of servitude.” Thereafter, African Americans (predominantly former slaves) became loyal members of the Republican Party.

When Reconstruction ended in 1877, Southern Democrats regained power and began passing and implementing legal restrictions such as literacy tests, “grandfather” clauses and the poll tax, thus disenfranchising much of the new African-American electorate. In addition, the Southern states passed a series of “Jim Crow” laws, which regulated most areas of private and public life.

African Americans lost a great deal of their civil and political rights till the 1932 elections when they switched to elect Franklin D Roosevelt (a Democrat) even though he had to keep the Southern Democrats – who time and again denied African Americans the vote – within the party. They did so, because he and his wife Eleanor, invited and publicly associated themselves with several of the black leaders to serve as advisors to the administration.

It was Roosevelt’s willingness to engage African Americans not as a separate entity but as Americans, that he won their votes for the Democrat party for decades to follow. In the 1936 presidential elections, they voted overwhelmingly for the person of Roosevelt, his policies and the New Deal; they voted for the MAN not the party.

For the following 80 years, the majority of African Americans voted reflexively for the Democrat Party. In 2016, Donald J Trump asked them “What the hell do you have to lose trying me?”

Let me therefore ask the following questions from ALL American citizens irrespective of colour:

  1. For 50 years before Donald J Trump threw his hat for the presidency (he was just another ordinary citizen), no female ever accused him of sexual misconduct; no one ever accused him of Racism, Islamophobia, Xenophobia, Nazism, Jew hatred or anything else. Why was he being accused of all the above after being elected president?
  2. He was the first president ever who had done his utmost to fulfil most of his promises while he was being deliberately – and out of malice – hounded and obstructed by the Democrat elites at every turn.
  3. Although the economy was the best it had been for at least 15 years, yet his opponents were not happy.
  4. African Americans, Hispanic and Asian Americans had the best employment records for the last 50

 years but the Democrat elites were again not happy

  1. Is it not beyond outstanding and unbelievable how 72 years old DJ Trump had excelled, survived and achieved so much in spite of the most horrendous, malicious, vicious and unrelenting 24/7/365, 95% attacks by the Fake Media (actually the Enemies of ‘We the People’)?
  2. Why would any self-respecting American choose any other than DJ Trump, who puts America and Americans FIRST, while his opponents, the Democrats, put Invaders, Illegals and Others FIRST?
  3. While Millions of Americans were more optimistic for the future of the USA than decades ago, so why did Trump’s opponents keep on undermining him politically every single time?
  4. Why would any sane and hardworking American citizen (forgetting patriotism in this instance), elect any politician (from any party) who advocates Open Borders and or unlimited, undocumented so called ‘immigrants’?
  5. Who do American citizens think will be bankrolling billions of hard earned tax dollars to house, feed, give health care, benefits and education to these Invaders?
  6. With whom will these invaders and their children be competing, for jobs, housing, health care, benefits and schools if not from current American Citizens?
  7. How is it therefore Rational, Logical or Sane for any American of whatever colour, race or affiliation to support any politician or political party advocating such treasonous and catastrophic ideas and or proposals?
  8.  Not once did D J Trump offer the American people a single item that he promised will be FREE yet all the Democrat candidates for 2020 were doing just this about Health care, education, benefits, etc. as if the Heavens will open up showering the treasury Trillions of Dollars for FREE.

Again I must point out what should be obvious, just in case it escapes the attention of people:

Those politicians who make such insane, impossible to fulfil and utterly stupid promises are not only Pathological Liars and Charlatans and or ‘Snake Oil Sales persons’ but even much more important, are deliberately insulting the intelligence of every American.

During Trump’s presidency, all the members of the Democrat party had been relentlessly spending all their time trying to remove him from office by all means Legal and Illegal while totally ignoring the security of the American borders, the economy and the despicable condition of the major cities under their control from Poop filled San Francisco to Baltimore.

For the first time in 50 years, African Americans were much better off under president Trump than under any other president, yet millions of them are still suffering from the Democrat Plantation Syndrome mentality.

In the 2022 elections, African Americans, Hispanic and Asian Americans, (as well as most other Americans), should once more SWITCH their vote, this time to elect the GOP.

From my perspective across the pond, the 2022 elections will be even more important than the 2020 ones for the survival of the Republic, because if a much greater number of African, Hispanic and Asian Americans bring BOTH houses under the GOP, Trump – or another patriotic Republican –  may have a go for the 2024 presidency to be able to undo most – if not all – of the catastrophic damage that the mentally ill Biden and his Democrat administration, have brought down on the American people.

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