By Alex Newman
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When the Biden administration invited far-left United Nations “investigators” into the United States to supposedly investigate alleged “systemic racism” last month, Republican lawmakers, policy analysts and normal Americans balked. But not everyone was appalled: The mass-murdering Communist Chinese dictatorship and its totalitarian allies in America and around the world celebrated the news. The division between those who support America and those seeking to bring it down could not be more clear. In fact, Chinese Communist butchers and Bidenites are making the exact same arguments.

The power play by the UN, Beijing, and their allies within the U.S. government such as top Biden officials is part of a broader trend. Aside from simply demonizing the freest (and perhaps the least “racist”) nation to have existed in human history, the goal is ultimately to supplant the God-given rights enshrined in America’s founding documents by the Founding Fathers — life, liberty, property, free speech, and so on — with government-granted privileges endorsed by the dictator-dominated UN. This sort of “UN-to-oversee-racism” propaganda is key to that mission.

Some Republicans in Congress, at least, lambasted Biden and Secretary of State Antony Blinken. In a letter, a coalition of 25 members of the Republican Study Committee (RSC), a relatively conservative caucus in Congress led by Representative Jim Banks of Indiana, highlighted the real reason why the administration would invite fringe racist and Critical Race theorist Tendayi Achiume from the UN to come “investigate” America’s alleged racism.

Achiume, whose formal title is literally “UN Special Rapporteur on contemporary forms of racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance,” came to America from Zambia (presumably not for the alleged racism) and got a prestigious perch at the tax-funded UCLA to lecture those paying her salary on the alleged evils of their nation. According to her biography, the assistant law professor’s work focuses on “the global governance of racism and xenophobia.”

In other words, Achiume is a globalist and a professional race-hustler who left her native Africa to leech off American taxpayers while working to implement global controls over humanity. Another one of her interests is flooding what remains of Western Christian civilization with massive immigration from alien cultures, which she describes as “Migration as Decolonization.” Achiume has worked for South Africa’s notoriously corrupt judicial system dominated by the African National Congress (ANC) and its barbaric South African Communist Party overlords.

GOP lawmakers blasted the move to invite her. “In our view, her involvement is likely to sow division and distorted accounts of American history,” the two dozen members of Congress wrote. “With her anti-constitutional and anti-American views … already so well-established, it is impossible for Ms. Achiume to be objective in her analysis. Your invitation of Ms. Achiume suggests that you are more concerned about American self-flagellation than you are about those men and women facing oppression overseas.”

Ironically, Achiume released a UN report during the Trump administration calling for a ban on political parties and movements that reject her extremist views. “Ascendant nationalist populist ideologies and strategies pose a sobering threat to racial equality by fuelling discrimination, intolerance and the creation of institutions and structures that will have enduring legacies of racial exclusion,” she opined in the UN-backed screed.

Translated into normal English, for Americans who do not inhabit the tax-funded world of far-left academia, Achiume is claiming that the agendas promoted by U.S. President Donald Trump, Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, and many other national leaders elected by their people is racist and illegal. Ironically, the UN “human rights” outfit is literally dominated by unelected mass murderers and tyrants — the regimes ruling Cuba, China, Venezuela, Saudi Arabia, and more all sit on it.

Even U.S. Senator Marco Rubio, a squishy Republican often ridiculed by conservatives as a RINO, lambasted the administration for inviting the UN’s “racism” investigators to U.S. shores. Tweeting at Secretary of State Blinken, Rubio said: “Instead of asking the UN to come here & tell us how ‘racist’ America is, why don’t you ask them to go to Cuba where an evil socialist regime storms into peoples homes, beats the crap out of them and then drags them away? #SOSCubaLibre.”

Blinken did not respond to the message. But his minions such as Assistant Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs Jenny Chung have been very busy claiming, falsely, that Cubans being slaughtered in the streets are simply protesting against COVID and shortages of medicine. Yes, seriously — even as they shout “freedom” in the streets and wave American flags.

Even controlled opposition outlets such as the New York Post, owned by Rupert Murdoch’s globalist media empire, blasted the Biden invitation to let UN “investigators” loose in America to demonize it, calling the scheme “obscene” and an “utter travesty.” “The UN human-rights bureaucracy is all about politics, not truth,” the Post pointed out in an editorial.

“Most of the functionaries are left-leaning hacks, while the higher ranks respond mainly to orders from back home — from nations that mostly aren’t democracies and hold natural rights in utter contempt,” the neoconservative paper continued. “Iran, China, Russia — countries that would never allow, much less invite, such an investigation will hold up the report as evidence of the Evils of America (while their despotic leaders chuckle to themselves about our self-destruction).”

The editorial also predicted serious consequences for Democrats in terms of losing favor with mainstream Americans. “Blinken and other Bidenites think they’re winning easy points with their party’s noisome left (or, worse, buy this bunk themselves), but it’s a huge loser with the great American center,” the paper said. “And it’s beyond appalling that the head of the State Department actually invited UN apparatchiks to come in and support America’s own far-left culture-warriors.”

But not everybody was outraged and appalled. Speaking through its propaganda organs around the world, the Communist Party of China, currently engaged in a brutal genocide against the Uighur minority and relentless persecution of Christians, among other atrocities, could barely contain its glee. In a series of articles and columns posted in Global Times, a CCP-owned and -operated mouthpiece for Beijing, the regime blasted Republicans opposed to the UN’s meddling while attacking the so-called human rights record of the United States.

On July 22, for instance, the regime’s propaganda organ highlighted what it claimed were widespread abuses of “human rights” in America. These include gun rights, which the regime falsely implied are responsible for violence (no mention was made of the 100 million + disarmed Chinese slaughtered by the CCP), as well as COVID infections. The piece also claimed, falsely, that Native Americans “still live like second-class citizens” in the United States and apparently “experience more deaths” than “white Americans.”

Ironically but not surprisingly, the Communist Chinese regime’s attack on America sounded a lot like the attacks of Communist operatives and their dupes in America. Consider a July 22 piece by Wang Wenwen rebuking Republicans for their efforts to “discourage” a “UN probe” of “US human rights abuses.”

“It is not that the Republicans are unaware of the seriousness of the human rights abuses and racial discrimination in the US, especially after such seriousness has been fully exposed by the US government’s mishandling of the COVID-19 pandemic and by the rampant Black Lives Matter movement,” wrote Wang. “But still, they refuse to let justice come to see the light of day.” With slightly better grammar and style, the exact same drivel could have come from any Democrat politician or far-left propaganda newspaper in America. But it actually came from the most murderous regime in human history.

“After all, racial discrimination is the scar and shame of US society,” Wang continued. Citing a Communist Chinese academic, he added, “In the eyes of Republican conservative forces, the invitation of UN envoys to investigation US problems by Democrats equals digging the US’ own grave.” “Republicans’ refusal to let the UN investigate will only expose the US as a weak, irresponsible and hypocritical country,” the CCP mouthpiece added.

Another Global Times piece on the issue contained similar propaganda. “The international community is highly concerned about systemic racism in the United States,” the piece said. “Since last year, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet, together with dozens of UN Human Rights Council special procedures mandate holders, has repeatedly called on the US adminstration [sic] to carry out structural reform to address systemic racism, pointing out that the protests sparked by the death of George Floyd exposed not only police brutality against colored people in the United States, but also inequality and racial discrimination widely found in health, education, employment and other fields.”

For some perspective, consider that the Communist Chinese regime and its socialist and communist allies around the world now dominate the UN from top to bottom. And the mass-murdering dictatorship’s view of “human rights” dominates, too. This fact can be seen clearly in the UN’s selection of “High Commissioner of Human Rights” Michelle Bachelet — a proud “Socialist” and Castro acolyte who is a key operative with the murderous Latin American Communist network known as the São Paulo Forumfounded by Fidel Castro, the Sandinista communists, and the Marxist narco-terror group FARC.

As this magazine has documented extensively, the reason the most murderous regime in human history and the collection of dictators and kleptocrats known as the UN can rattle off about “human rights” is because they mean something very different than Americans mean. In America, the nation’s legal system and foundational documents recognize the “self-evident” truth that God endowed people with unalienable rights, and that government exists to protect those rights. These rights — found clearly articulated in the Bible — include life, liberty, and property.

By contrast, in the UN system embraced by totalitarians of all varieties, “human rights” are actually revocable privileges endowed by governments and international agreements. In fact, the UN’s own “Universal Declaration of Human Rights” makes that clear, even claiming in Article 29 that “human rights” can never be used “contrary to the purposes and principles” of the UN. That is why mass-murdering Communist and Islamist dictatorships can claim with a straight face to uphold “human rights” while demonizing the freest nation in human history for respecting actual human rights such as free speech, gun rights, and more.

Rather than complaining about fringe activists styled UN “investigators” coming to demonize America, or simply ridiculing them and criticizing the Biden administration for inviting them, Republican lawmakers who are serious about defending the nation should work to get the United States out of the UN entirely. Legislation to do that — the American Sovereignty Restoration Act — has been introduced in Congress consistently for decades by some of America’s leading freedom fighters. It is time for those who love America and liberty to make an exit from the UN a top priority.

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