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Did Jennifer Siebel Newsom, the wife of California Governor Gavin Newsom, attempt to bribe Rose McGowan to keep her from blowing the whistle on notorious Hollywood predator/producer Harvey Weinstein? That was the bombshell charge leveled by Rose McGowan, the rogue Hollywood actress who brought down Weinstein, at a press conference on Sunday with California gubernatorial candidate Larry Elder.

Two days before the special election to recall Newsom, Rose McGowan endorsed Republican Larry Elder while standing on stage with him and delivered an impassioned condemnation of the “corrupt” Democrat Party establishment, the Hollywood elite, and the media.

McGowan, a lifelong progressive, feminist, and Democrat Party activist, took on the Hollywood powerbrokers and their political allies who tried to protect Harvey Weinstein from her charge that he had raped her. One of those powerbrokers, she alleges, was political insider Jennifer Siebel Newsom, an actress, film producer — and wife of Governor Gavin Newsom.

According to McGowan, Jennifer Siebel Newsom sent her emails and called her on behalf of Weinstein and his lawyers. Siebel Newsom called her, says McGowan, and said “David Boies wants to know what it would take to make you happy.” She interpreted this and the emails as a clear effort by top-level Democrats to buy her off and shut her up.

David Boies is the founder and chairman of Boies Schiller Flexner LLP, the high-powered New York City law firm that is closely associated with Bill and Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Al Gore, and other A-List Democrats. As part of its efforts on behalf of client Harvey Weinstein, the Boies law firm hired “an army of spies” from Black Cube, the Israeli private intelligence company, to spy on McGowan and bug her home.

The Boies-Newsom connection goes back at least to 2008, when Boies successfully represented the militant LGBTQ lobby in overturning Proposition 8, the referendum passed by California voters to designate marriage as only between a man and a woman. At the time, and for several years prior, Gavin Newsom, then serving as mayor of San Francisco, had gained media accolades for defying the law and officiating at the weddings of same-sex couples in San Francisco. In addition, his wife, Jennifer Siebel Newsom, is the sister-in-law of Joshua Schiller. And who is he? He is a partner in Boies Schiller Flexner, and son of founding partner Jonathan D. Schiller.

Not surprisingly, both David Boies and his wife, Mary McInnis Boies, are members of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), the power behind the throne that has dominated American politics for much of the past century. Mrs. Boies is also a partner of Boies Schiller Flexner and has been appointed to several Defense Department posts in Democrat administrations.

McGowan: I’m No Longer a “Hollywood Democrat”

McGowan, who is credited as being a major force in launching the #MeToo movement, repeatedly called out the media at the Elder press conference for its refusal to expose the corruption and hypocrisy of Governor Gavin Newsom and his Hollywood cronies.

“It gives me no great pleasure to call out Democrats,” she said. “I was a Democrat.” McGowan recounted that when she immigrated to the United States as a young girl, one of her first acts of political activism, as per her mother’s direction, was to go out campaigning for the 1988 Democratic presidential contender Michael Dukakis.

In addition to her Hollywood career, McGowan also was active as a lobbyist in Washington, D.C., which was a huge eye-opener for her. “And the thing that I realized during the lobbying group I was doing,” she said, was that among the elites there were “no labels”; it was “Republicans and Democrats working across the aisle.” They were “all pretty much talking the same game,” and “they were all kind of in on it together.” “And I said ‘This is horrible,’” she recalled.

Converted By Larry Elder’s Radio Show

Rose McGowan said she had been listening to Larry Elder on his Los Angeles-based radio show for many years. The nationally syndicated Larry Elder Show is heard daily by millions of listeners, and Elder regularly appears as a commentator on Fox News programs. Elder, known as “The Sage of South Central” and “The Truth Detector,” has won many fans with his wit, logic, common sense, and common decency. As a Republican and a conservative, he did not appear to be a natural ally for Rose McGowan. But, she says, after listening to his wisdom day after day, she was convinced he is “the real deal.” She says she still doesn’t agree with him on many things, but says he is the best chance to heal much of what has gone wrong in California under Newsom and his cronies.

“I know this place has it in it to be better. I Know it does,” McGowan said. “Systemic change is what’s needed. Go big, it’s not going well here, is it? But you have a choice: stay status quo or be brave. I vote for bravery. I vote for Larry Elder.”

Elder Blasts the Media

McGowan then turned the podium over to Larry Elder, who wasted no time in launching into a scorching attack on the media for their vicious attacks on him, while ignoring one scandal after another swirling around Gavin Newsom.

Among the media smears he mentioned was the Los Angeles Times op-ed describing him as the “Black face of white supremacy.” The liberal paper also warned, “If Larry Elder is elected, life will get harder for Black and Latino Californians.”

He noted also that while he was touring a homeless camp at Venice Beach, a liberal white woman wearing a gorilla mask threw an egg at him, something the media would have turned into a global incident, if it had happened to him as a Democrat. “Had I had a ‘D’ at the end of my name, this would have been a hate crime. They would have had a manhunt for her. They’d be talking about this in Bangladesh,” Elder said. “But because I have an ‘R’ at the end of my name, a lot of the mainstream media didn’t give a rip.”

On the same day as the Elder-McGowan press conference, the Los Angeles Times ran another op-ed referring to Elder as the “embodiment” of the “model minority,” comparing him to those who “sell out their own people.”

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