By Veronika Kyrylenko
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Some believe that the foreign policy of any country is an outgrowth of its domestic policy. Both are seen as a particular type of engagement with other actors in order to acquire enough capabilities and resources to influence identity, interests, and behaviors of others in a way beneficial to a power-holder. The end goals of both foreign and domestic policies are simple: ensure the entity’s physical survival and the preservation of its identity, and increase its well-being. If the policies conducted by a nation’s leadership undermine those basic goals, they may be considered poor at best, or treasonous at worst.

The speech that President Joe Biden gave Tuesday before the UN General Assembly sounded not like a resolution to pursue the national interests of America, but like a meek submission to the globalist agenda.

Let us take a look at the key points of the president’s address:

COVID Pandemic

Biden opened his speech by recognizing the “heartbreak” of every COVID death. He mourned “more than 4.5 million people — people of every nation from every background,” and added that this “collective grief” is a reminder that a “collective future” would depend on the ability to act together “to save lives, defeat COVID-19 everywhere, and take the necessary steps to prepare ourselves for the next pandemic.”

Not a word was said about the mounting hard-hitting evidence that the SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes COVID-19 was created in the Wuhan lab in China, possibly as a biological weapon, and accidentally (or perhaps intentionally) released.

Biden did not acknowledge the failed response to address the pandemic, including lockdowns that devastated people’s lives and took an enormous toll on their general well-being while failing to curb COVID transmission.

COVID Vaccines

As expected, Biden touted COVID vaccines as a main tool to defeat the virus. Noting that “bombs and bullets cannot defend against COVID-19 or its future variants,” the president stated that “we need a collective act of science and political will” to stop the pandemic and called on his colleagues to “vaccinate the world.”

The “political will” referenced by the president is already here — nearly every nation on Earth rushes to jab their populace, including children and pregnant women, with experimental gene therapeutics, aka “COVID vaccines,” against a disease that has a 99.7-percent survival rate.

However, the “science” behind the mass-vaccination campaign is far from settled. Scientifically speaking, vaccines do not protect people from getting COVID or transmitting it to others. They reduce the risk of hospitalization only to some extent, as the Israeli experience shows. Instead of vaccinating only the most vulnerable individuals and letting the rest acquire natural immunity, Biden and his globalist ilk are making Big Pharma astronomically rich while adding to the global risks of the development of much stronger and contagious variants.

The president added that his administration is working closely with the World Health Organization (WHO), and COVID Vaccines Global Access (COVAX) has shipped more than 160 million doses of the vaccine to some 100 countries.

Climate Change

Claiming that “the challenging climate we’re all feeling already ravaging every part of our world with extreme weather” is a “code red for humanity,” President Biden warned that the world is fast approaching a “point of no return.”

Further, he reassured world leaders, most of whose nations either regularly increase their CO2 emissions or fall behind the announced “climate change goals” (as have the countries of the European Union), that America remains true to its goal to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions by 50 to 52 percent below 2005 levels by 2030 as it works toward achieving a “clean-energy economy with net-zero emissions by 2050.”

Moreover, since “climate change” is a common “threat,” Biden pledged to double public international financing and send $100 billion “to support climate action in developing nations.” The money, of course, will come out of Americans’ pockets.


In the realm of military affairs, Biden stressed that “those who commit acts of terrorism against us will continue to find a determined enemy in the United States,” as he mentioned the loss of 13 American servicemen and almost 200 Afghan civilians in the terrorist attack at the Kabul airport after the Biden administration all but abandoned Afghanistan to the Taliban.

Biden went on to say, almost ironically, that “today, we’re better equipped to detect and prevent terrorist threats, and we are more resilient in our ability to repel them and to respond.”

Biden failed to mention the recent U.S. drone strike that wiped out a family of Afghan civilians, killing zero terrorists.

While claiming that he knows how to “dismantle terrorist networks,” Biden also failed to mention how his Afghanistan withdrawal led to the dissolution of the secular government and put the Taliban — radical Islamists with close ties to the al-Qaeda terror network — in control of the country.

Afghanistan and Women’s Rights

While not addressing the disastrous U.S. foreign policy blunders in Afghanistan, Biden did mention the current situation in Afghanistan in regard to human rights.

The president said that together with other 100 countries, America supports the “people of Afghanistan moving forward, laying out the expectations to which we will hold the Taliban when it comes to respecting universal human rights.”

He stressed a particular focus to be put on women’s rights: “The rights of women and girls to use their full talents to contribute economically, politically, and socially and pursue their dreams free of violence and intimidation.”

While the Taliban reopen some schools for boys-only education, rape young girls and forcibly marry them to their fighters, and behead women for not wearing burqas, the State Department has only responded to women’s-rights violations by condemning the newly established government for not being “diverse enough.”


The word “China,” actually, was absent from the president’s speech. Biden only name-dropped Xinjiang, a Chinese region where the communist regime is engaged in genocide against the Uyghur population. Biden said, “We all must call out and condemn the targeting and oppression of racial, ethnic, and religious minorities,” while also stating that “we are not seeking a new Cold War.” The latter statement suggests the president is either unaware that China is already waging a form of cold war against the United States, or that he has no plan to counter it.

Humanitarian Aid

While Americans continue to suffer from the consequences of COVID-related economic restrictions, bubbling inflation that consumes their resources, high unemployment, and a mounting immigration crisis, Biden pledged to send more American money abroad to those “in need.” That includes additional $10 billion to counter hunger across the globe.


Concluding his speech, the president underlined that only a kumbaya approach of a beautiful international togetherness will help the world “build a better future.”

No more “America First,” not even “America is back.” It is “America is at your disposal,” and Biden will do anything to push the goals of the global elites regarding COVID restrictions and vaccine mandates, international terrorism, climate change, or relations with China.

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